Fudgie Hemp Balls

Hello everyone! Just a quick hello and recipe idea today. You don't even want to know how busy we have been since the big move!

Of course, we all have to eat no matter how hectic our lives may be. Isn't it wonderful that even the simplest raw foods can be beautiful and nourishing? I have been living on smoothies, juice, salads, and an occasional treat:)

Sometimes around 3p.m. I need a little "pick-me-up". Often it is in the form of chocolate hehe. The following recipe is an estimate, hope you don't mind!

Fudgie Hemp Balls

For fudge balls:
8 Pitted medjool dates
1 heaping tablespoon cocoa powder, or carob
1 heaping tablespoon hulled hemp seeds (aka, hearts)
1 heaping teaspoon coconut oil
few drops extract such as hazelnut or vanilla, optional

For decoration:
1-2 tablespoons hemp seeds for rolling

1. Process first 5 ingredients in food processor fitted with an "s" blade until mixture starts sticking together.

2. Shape into 1 inch balls and roll in extra hemp seeds. Fudgies can be refrigerated about 1 hour to firm up. These are very soft and chewy if eaten right away. Recipe makes about 6 balls.

Another quick burst of energy recently came from this frozen treat...reminded me of a hazelnut mochachino...

The mug was drizzled with chocolate syrup (coconut syrup mixed with cocoa powder) and the frosty drink was a couple of frozen bananas blended with one packet of microground coffee:) 1/4 cup hazelnuts, a drop or two of hazelnut extract, 1 Brazil nut, sweetener, and a splash of water to blend. This had me going until midnight! Ya might not want to drink this the same day you eat the fudgies, just sayin':)

Now, if there are any gardeners out there, I would really appreciate your help! I am attempting my very first garden:) I would love if you could share your favorite online resources with me in a comment or email. I have started some seeds...

and really need specific details on organic gardening. Google searches have led to information overload. BTW, my gardening accomplishments include a pitiful herb garden in a pot last year...lol!!!

'Lil sprouts are so cute:)

Hope you are all having a wonderful day!!! Love ya:)


  1. i've really missed you...but i totally get being busy, i have been too since our move and planning our wedding...

    love this recipe...as always it's beautiful and so healthy.

    thanks for taking the time to update us and to leave us with such a treat!!!

  2. So nice to see you blog again! I miss your posts! Those truffles look so good as does that drink! Yummy! I have a garden every year, but I don't really follow any websites. My hubby does all the research! Good luck with it, so exciting to grow your own food,

  3. New to gardening? Well, welcome! I recommend research on permaculture. And many thanks for the recipe! I enjoy your blog :)


  4. Wow great post. The hemp balls look yummy. I am going to make your smoothie for sure. I am a pretty new gardener. Last year the only thing that survived our friendly ground hog was the hot peppers! You are way ahead of me this year.

  5. hi angela! those hemp balls looks perfect - i may make them for some friends this weekend.

    it looks like your gardening is off to a great start! i'm still new to it and use my square foot gardening book for how and when to plant. i find most books and online sources to be vague. mel lays everything out and you can adapt it to any kind of garden.

    gardenweb.com is a great forum for questions.

    i think you may need to thin some of those seedlings soon. plants need space to survive.

    if you go here and here i made up a schedule for planting in my neck of the woods. you could adapt it to your last frost date and transplant when i start my seeds, but don't forget to harden off.

    hope that helps!

  6. Hey Angela so good to see you around again:) Like Nelly said, you have been greatly missed!Love the hemp balls..and that smoothie sound too good!

    As for gardening. I found a book at my local thrift store that showed me various garden designs and which veggies are compatible with which. The book was from the Moosewood restaurant. And check out your local library for books..another great resource:)

  7. Hiya Angela! Love everything I see here! The hemp balls and the mochacino are calling my name...and we're gearing up to garden soon. Love your sprouts! They look so good!

  8. Hi everyone! I have missed you all very much and really need to visit you soon and see what you have been up to the last few..uh... months :)

    To Nelly...looking forward to reading about your move and wedding plans...so exciting!

    Hi Lauren! Missing you, as well:) I can't wait to catch up with you.

    @ Zen Forest...Thanks for the gardening welcome! The permaculture forum you suggest looks amazing. I appreciate the link:)

    Hi Sasha:) Thanks for stopping by. I might have to plant some hot peppers too, because there are definitely "critters" in the field where the garden is planned!

    Hi kelli! Thanks for the gardenweb site and book recommendation...I do have tons of questions!!!

    Thanks for letting me know about thinning the plants, I was surprised to see so many sprouts popping up so quickly. I will check out your links too.{{{hugs}}}

    Hey, Melissa! Nice to see you too:) Thanks for the reminder about the library...I didn't even think of that haha!

    To HiHoRosie...missing you, too:) Hope you like the recipes if you try them:) See you soon!

  9. Thanks for checking in and posting one of your amazing treats.

    These look like an inside out version of my hemp brownies. I love the combo of these ingredients.

    We miss you!

  10. wow, its crazy how many people are blogging about truffles right now!!! LOL They all look so delicious!! It must be a sign to make some!!! :)

  11. Great job on starting the garden! The key, I've found, is water!! Don't forget to water often, especially when they're lil' seedlings. I've really learned a lot in the last 6 months or so from trial and error in my own yard so I can't recommend a site, however, if you start your own compost, the dirt from it will work miracles in your garden!
    Good luck!

  12. These hemp balls are one of the best recipes i've tried, and i've tried hundreds of raw food combos to get the same!

  13. Hi bitt! They did remind me of your yummy hemp brownies...might need to make those again soon:)

    ~rawkinmom~yes, you must go make some truffles right now haha:)

    Hi Sarah! Thanks for the garden tips...I've been researching the best way to make my own compost:)

    ~Tilly~ Thanks so much for trying the recipe and letting me know how much you liked them:)

  14. The hemp balls look great. I can't wait to get my garden going!
    Blessings, Debra
    Raw Vegan Diet

  15. I just found your blog through Bitt of Raw and I must say, it's full of inspiration! Love your recipe for the fudge hemp balls, I'm going to make those this week for sure! I'll definitely be back here again :)


  16. Hi Debra! TY...gardening is already so much fun:)

    Welcome Sunshine Mama! Thanks so much for stopping by:)

  17. Those hemp balls--AMAZING!! Just might have to have them for breakfast tomorrow.
    Yeah for new gardens! I just got mine in. The best book I found, that didn't freak me out and overwhelm me, is "All New Square Foot Garden". I posted about my new little garden and my potted herb garden. I made my own soil/compost and used that with other soil enhancements mentioned in his book and my plants are going nuts!!
    Best to you on getting your garden going. It is so exciting.
    Peace and Raw Health,

  18. Hello lovely lady! I gave you an award!

  19. Hemp fudgies are going to be our afternoon pick me up tomorrow, thanks! All the sprouts look so happy and healthy, I'm sure the garden will flourish. We have a great garden that we love to eat out of. There is information overload online! I just do a little bit of research if I'm wondering about something, other than that I go with intuition and give the plants lots of love and talking =) Have a great time with it.

  20. Yay for gardens! And yay for chocolate, mmmmm! Okay gardening in Florida is very challenging but you have to start somewhere. Here are my 3 favorite tips:
    1. Use a heat mat (you'll get high germination rates every time)
    2. Don't forget to "harden off" seedlings before transplanting. This means "babying" them a little by putting them outside a little at a time. Just don't forget they are out there! Set a timer.
    3. Raised beds. I use a combo of soil, compost, peat, and sand.
    4. Irrigation. Drip irrigation is the best. Last summer was sooo dry in Florida which is rare. But my irrigation system kept it all beautiful.
    Have fun and keep us posted on your garden!

  21. I'm fanatical about hemp, and what a lovely way to enjoy it!

  22. Wow, I sure miss your posts! I can't wait to try your hemp balls this week.

    I square foot garden also. Mel's books are great but there is a wonderful person (Emily) and blog that will help. She also sends you weekly e-mails according to your gardening zone to tell you what to plant, transplant and start from seeds.

  23. Just popping in to say HI! Love the treats as always and I would really like to grab that coffee drink out of the screen...lol! Hope all is going well for ya! xo

  24. These sound really tasty! I love the addition of the hemp!

  25. That drink looks sooo good... I'm drooling right now!

    And the sprouts do too, haha!
    Too bad they aren't for eating :P

  26. Just checking in to see how you've been. It seems like a lot of us have been out of the blog scene lately. Hope all is well.

  27. Give me the frozen frosty and I'm ready to go!!!

  28. That garden just looks like a happy place. You have got to love hydroponic farming.

    For our video-blog, we head out to the hydroponic farm every other day.


  29. The frozen frosty is tops with me. You are really creative!

  30. I know I am late with reading this post but I had to say that the frosty drink is AMAZING!! Thank you for sharing such a wonderful treat!

  31. That frosty chocolate banana drink would have me going until midnight too! Looks so amazing. I love how green the hemp seeds appear in your photos of the hemp seed balls, really quite beautiful. Good luck with that garden it is off to a great start looks like!

  32. Wow, those DO look delicious. The best things in life are truly simple!

  33. I love that mug filled with chocolate syrup and help balls as I really love sweets. :P

  34. Your recipes are always so inspiring.


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