Raw Food For Children

I hope your little ones will enjoy some of my unique raw recipes created especially for them!

Fun Fries

for fries:
apple, pear, or mango cut into fry shapes (to prevent browning, sprinkle with lemon juice, and optional cinnamon,nutmeg,date sugar)
for goji ketchup:
½ cup dates, pitted
¼ cup goji berries
¼ cup water

1.Soak dates and berries in water for at least 1/2 an hour to soften.

2.Blend until smooth,may need additional water if dates aren’t juicy.

Serve as ketchup with fruit fries.

Play around with the jam by mixing other dried fruit with the dates or sub. fresh berries for the dried ones and water.

Ladybugs on a Log

1 stalk celery
1 tablespoon almond butter
5 dried goji berries, soaked for 1 hour
1 sprinkle chia seeds,pictured, or poppy or black sesame seed

1. Wash and dry celery.

2. Fill with almond butter.

3. Sprinkle berries with seeds, and place across almond butter.

A variation:
ladybugs on a "raft"
Top sliced apple,pear,banana the same way.
Sprinkle the fruit slices with lemon or orange juice if making ahead (to slow browning)
Sprinkle with cinnamon, optional before adding the "ladies"!

fruit fiends

1 apple, cored and quartered
assorted nuts and seeds
nut butter
berries,grapes,or small fruit like kiwi berries
frilled toothpicks
orange juice

1. Carefully remove football shaped slice from apple quarter, reserve for tongue.

2. Sprinkle all cut surfaces with orange juice.

3. Fill with nut butter ,if desired.

4. Add nuts or seeds as teeth, tongue is cut from removed apple piece(stick in with a bit of nut butter)

5. Add eyes with toothpicks using berries or grapes

If possible, let the little ones help to make these goodies. The best way to get children to eat healthy food is to get them excited and inspired about it. Children are more likely to eat foods they helped prepare:)

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