Kreativ Blogger Award

I was pleasantly surprised while reading one of my favorite blogs this morning. I was nominated to receive the Kreativ Blogger Award by the lovely Joanna Stevens of Promoting the Raw Food Diet While Debunking the Myths.

Thank you so much Joanna, I am truly honored to be considered for this. I was shocked to see my name in such great company.

The award requires that I share seven things about me you may be surprised to know. I have not shared much personal info on my blog, so this is a little hard for me...but here goes:)

1. I met my husband at a punk night club, on his birthday, and we have been together 26 years:) We went to see The Ramones on our first date.

2. I adore children, and ran a home based daycare for 12 years. I worked at least 50 hours a week and loved every minute of it! I usually cared for 3-8 children at a time, and was also raising two of my own. I gave up my business when I thought we were moving several years ago, but the deal fell through.

3. I have a wicked sense of humor. I think I inherited this from my Dad, who told me he now has a website, as he pointed to the cobwebs on the ceiling:)

4. I have vivid memories of being in my high chair and playpen, and surprise my mom with details of the house at the time that she had almost forgotten.

5. My pets right now are an 8 year old chocolate lab, and a 34 year old blue front Amazon parrot.

6. I have 10 raw food books, but have only made recipes from 2 of them.

7. I love the number 12. I was born in August, on the 12th of course, at 12:12. The last two numbers of my birth year also add up to 12.

8. The last two numbers of my birth year are....whoops, I almost forgot we only needed 7 surprising facts:)

I am happy to pass this award on to seven of my favorite blogs, in random order:

1. Aimee from A Bitt of Raw
2. Snowdrop from Adirondack Raw Food Connection
3. Joyce from Beautiful Living Food
4. Berry Blue Toes from the blog Berry Blue Toes
5. Joanna from Promoting the Raw Food Diet While Debunking the Myths
6. Kara Maia Spencer from Raw Vortex
7. Susan Powers from Rawmazing

bonus fact~ I was recently asked if there was a secret to staying married so long, and part of the answer was right out my back door! I always see the rainbow through the clouds...I snapped this pic a few minutes ago!


Joanna Steven said...

How sweet that you met your husband at a Ramones concert! Love it ^^

Berry Blue Toes said...

Wow - hey thank you so much for the nomination what a great email/comment to start my day with. And oh I LOVED the Ramones back in the day (okay I still love the Ramones)- great tid- bit to share :) Keep up the good work - your blog is fantastic!

evergreen said...

It is fun to know we have more in common than raw foods!

BBT~ you are welcome, and thanks for the kind words about my blog:)

bitt said...

thank you! i am behind and i will get onto this when i catch up.

congrats on 26 years. that's a long time. any advice? ;-)

evergreen said...

bitt~you are welcome:)

Yeah, 26 years is a long time...I can't believe how fast it went!

Advice~the short answer:
Be happy within yourself
See the good in (almost) all situations
Accept the other person as they are:)

If you want the long answer, feel free to contact me anytime:)

Kara said...

Thanks so much for nominating me and linking my Raw Vortex blog! Your blog is fabulous and I look forward to trying some of your yummy Halloween recipes. MMMM!!

evergreen said...

You are welcome Kara:) I love your pics and recipes!

Thanks for the nice comment about my blog.

I am having lots of fun thinking of new raw Halloween recipes so check back soon!


snowdrop said...

thanks so much for the kb ;)
i need to get cracking and return the favor. this morning i am just checking out how you did it, so i do it correctly.
thanks again.

evergreen said...

You're welcome snowdrop!

I followed Joanna's post when I did mine. I don't know if there are guidelines anywhere about it.

btw... I love all your recent posts, you have been a very busy blogger:)

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