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Hi everyone!

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Here you will find links to all the recipes featured on the happy raw kitchen. They are for recipes I have made and posted on this blog.

Most of the posts they take you to will have the recipe, or link to the recipe found elsewhere online.

And, every single recipe has at least one photo:)

Please let me know if you come across any problems with the links provided.

Thank you, and enjoy:)

Cinnamon Roll Smoothie by Joanna Stevens
Raw 'Eggnog':)
Cinnamon Pecan Milk
Cranberry Orange Pear Juice
Warm Almond Milk
Blissful berry smoothie
Triple Thick Chocolate Shake
favorite green smoothie

Raw Sprouted Oatmeal (Maple Cinnamon and Chocolate:)
Sweet Heart Breakfast
Breakfast cookie pops
banana and currants

Raw Sprouted Bagels
Kate Magic's Marching Biscuits
Raw Corn Muffin Tops:)
Caponata Crisps
Italian Herb Crackers
Raw Sprouted Essene Bread
Raw Rosemary Crackers
Chia-Sesame Cracker
Crisp Herb Crackers

Fudgie Hemp Balls
Raw Chocolate Lava Cake
Raw Lemon Poppy Seed Cupcakes
Trail Mix Truffles
Cinnamon Roll Soft-Serve:)
Strawberry Stracciatella Soft-Serve
Chocolate Banana Pudding Cake
Kate Magic's I Can Go Go Go Too (Chocolates)
Raw Cherry Garcia® Soft Serve
Raw Carrot Cake:)
Raspberry Ganache Fudge Cake
Chocolate Pecan Pie:)
Raw Gingerbread Cookies:)
Raw Cherry-Hemp Brownie
Holly-day Raw Eggnog Cake
Spiced Nut Cream
Dates Stuffed with Walnuts and Chai-Vanilla Cream
Raw Cowboy Cookies
Vanilla Chai Spice Macaroon
CranBanApple Parfait
Banana-Pear Soft-Serve
Sweet Potato Soft-Serve
Raw Chocolate
Caramel Coconut Cookies(spooky version)

Hemp Power Ball Truffles
Raw Lemon Poppy Seed Cake
Chocolate Durian Ice Cream
Raw Caramel Brownie Bites
Summer Peach Cobbler by Diana Stobo
Hemp Brownie Sundae
Strawberry Ice Cream
Ani Phyo's Mango Tartlets
Cherry Cacao Cobbler by bitt
Cherry Bombs
Russell James' Maca-Ice Cream and Cacao Crackle Sandwiches
Ani Phyo's Carob Walnut Cookies
Chocolate Pecan Cupcakes with Vanilla Frosting
Halvah Truffle Trio
Choccie Cherry Chia Pudding

Antony Heaven's Chocolate Spread
Sweet Cranberry-Orange Dressing
Creamy Hemp Basil Sauce from Choosing Raw
Cole's Coconut Fruit Dip
Dipping oil for Raw Bread
Kalamata Karma Dressing
Creamy Macadamia-Lime Hemp Dressing
Basil Salsa Verde
blueberry dressing from KMcR
sweet orange dressing
raspberry vinaigrette

Heathy's Coconut Chik'n Curry
Mediterranean Wrap w/Red Pepper Hummus by Ani Phyo
Raw Eggplant Caponata
snowdrops Raw Porcini Ravioli in Cream Sauce:)
Chunky Raw Veggie Chili
Fennel & Tomato Tart
Turnip Pasta(inspired by Gena)
Chad Sarno's Beetroot Ravioli
Salsa Finta and Almond Polpetta over Angel Hair Pasta(Russell James)
Spinach Masala (Russell James)
Summer Rolls by paige4
Pesto pasta
Lemon-Caper Pasta
Sarma's Ravioli for Valentine's Day

Holiday/Special Occasion
Watermelon Baby Buggy
Watermelon Basket
Big Chocolate "Kiss"
Kale Salad Wreath
Raw Caponata Turkey:)
Pilgrim Hat Brownies
Sweet Lil' Turkey
The Juiciest Turkey Ever!
Raw Vegan Turkey:)
Spooky Sweets
Vampiric Vermin
Raw Halloween Main Course
Creepy Caponata
Smoky Bones(or jicama fries)
Spooky S&M Salad
Savory Raw Halloween Ideas
Raw Chocolate, Halloween mold
Swamp-water Smoothie(includes floating skull ice sculpture) and snack ideas
The Grim Rimmer
Banana I Scream
Creepy Creature Finger Food(caramel cookies)
Watermelon Brain
Halloween version of Sarma's Congo Bars
Jack-o-Lantern pepper bowl for dip
Boo~nanners, Darlin Clementine Punkins, and Fudgey the Friendly Bat

Gena's Fig and Pistachio Salad
Lovely Orange-Fennel Salad
Christmas Kale by Jennifer Cornbleet
Berry Festive Wreath Salad
Raw Cranberry Salad
My S&M Salad Recipe
Wilted Kale Salad with Creamy Chipotle Dressing(Russell James)
bok choy salad
Dandy salad with sweet orange dressing
Pickle-Dilly Salad
Asian cucumber and spinach salad
Korean cucumber salad
Bountiful Bouquet
Berry yummy salad
Rawmazing Turmeric Salad by Susan Powers

Raw Vegan Bacon
Fun Fries

Real Cream Cheese
Cucumber Cups with Chia Sprouts
Happy Raw Trail Mix
Gena's Sweet Cheese and Crackers
Olive Penguins!
Evergreen Herb Wreath
Vanilla Chai Spice Mix Recipe
Pinecone Cheezeball
Cinnamon Glazed Pecans
Mediterranean Cucumber Cups
Caponata Tartlets
Snackie the Snake
Sweet Strawberry Mice!
Soft Chocolate Chunks
Sweet Cinnamon Butter
Tomato-Olive Bites
Herbes de Provence
Festive fruit stars
Watermelon Mini Cake Delights by rawleen:)
Pretty in Pink treat or strawberry dip
Ladybugs on a Log
fruit fiends

Orange Sunshine Soup
Red Pepper and Hemp Soup from Choosing Raw
Sweet-n-Special Soup
Warm tomato soup

I will do my best to add recipe links as new ones are posted:) I may also be moving things around a little and adding new categories.

Any suggestions for improving this index are welcome!

Thank you so much for stopping by!

{{{HUGS}}} and happy eating,


Pam said...

Cool! Very nice Evergreen! You have been really busy!


Anonymous said...

Wonderful great list!Wow!

Audrey said...

Awesome! I'm bookmarking this!

Julie Lynn said...

You just saved me from buying another recipe book ;-)

Thanks, Angela. You are awesome! =)

N said...

Great resource! Thanks!

evergreen said...

Thank you all so much...you are so sweet:)

laurie said...

Cool--thanks so much for taking the time to make it easier to find things! Laurie

bitt said...

wow! must have taken you forever. the linking part of blogging is my least favorite, although i think it's important.

thank you so much!

Nikki said...

I am so glad that you posted this on a Friday so I can spend the weekend perusing your recipes :) Thank you!

evergreen said...

I am happy you all like it! Thanks for letting me know:)

Isle Dance said...

You are simply, 100%, completely and truly BEAUTIFUL, just for what you do, gifting us with such nourishing love. I'm sending lots of love right back to you! :o)

TheCraftyVegan said...

As someone relatively new to your blog I thank you so much for making it easier to find and try your recipes. I so look forward to each new posting as this blog is one of if not the most creative I visit each day. Thank you!

Heather Pace said...

Fabulous compilation of recipes! love your work!!!

Michal said...

Thank you for such a comprehensive list!

evergreen said...

~Isle Dance...I am feelin' the love, thank you so much! Your kind words are as beautiful as your photos:)

~Lorri...Welcome! I appreciate your lovely comment:) You are so sweet!

~Raw Goddess...Thank you very much:)


Julia said...

Awesome! I can't wait to go threw all of them!

evergreen said...

Thanks, Julia! I hope you enjoy:)

VeganLisa said...

Thank you for compiling this index. I love your blog and can't wait to try out more of your recipes.

juber said...

I have recently returned to raw and was so excited to find your blog! I have tried some of your recipes already...THANK YOU!! :)

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