Hidden Treasures

Since the warmer weather is here, I wanted to get another reusable container for transporting my raw yummies. We often go on day trips in the summer months, and I don't really like to eat out more than once a day . You may recall I have a large square container and a small single lunch size. Instead of getting one like I already have, I thought it would be nice to have a different size like the two tier To-Go Ware. Of course I can order them online, but sometimes I like to see the item in person. A quick search on their website showed me a nearby bed and breakfast that has a gift shop that stocked them! I made a slight detour in my travels back from Lake George today, and found myself on a two lane road with not much more than trees and an occasional glimpse of a river for several miles. Was I on the right road? Several minutes later I noticed a gift shop sign on a quaint log building...yes, I found it! The girl in the shop sweetly welcomed me as I looked around. Tee-shirts, post cards, candles, moose welcome signs, pine cone picture frames....and To-Go ware! There, hidden among the charming "Adirondacky" souvenirs were my coveted containers.

They also had two different sets of bamboo utensils, and the cute sidekick containers. The fork, spoon, knife, and chopstick set was lovely, however I figured I could easily just bring along a set from home:) I was thrilled at the weight and size of the containers, just what I needed! I picked up a little sidekick, as it looked like the perfect size for salad dressings. As I drove away, I was thinking of all the things I would fill my new tiffin with. When I got home, I unpacked the box. The quality was great, the top doubles as a plate, and inside the top level....another sidekick! I did not realize that it came with one:) I guess you never know where you may find a hidden treasure.

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