Raw gifts for Mom

Here is a sweet treat for your Mom! This is a quick and easy way to show her how much you love her.

Pretty in Pink

2 tablespoons cocoa butter
¼ cup coconut oil
2 tablespoons coconut butter
6 drops beet juice
3 drops oil of peppermint
½ tablespoon agave
1 huge perfect strawberry
1 wooden skewer
floral tape and artificial leaves
candy mold

1.Melt cocoa butter,coconut butter, and coconut oil in small bowl set inside bigger bowl of hot water.Stir till well melted.Strain any un-melted bits.

2.Mix in peppermint oil,agave, and beet juice (juice does not seem to alter taste).

3.Let cool till very thick almost like frosting. It may take a while to get to this stage,mixture will separate but will eventually become opaque and come together when it is ready.

4.Dip skewered strawberry into mixture and spoon the rest into candy mold (approx 1/4 cup mold). Tap mold on counter to level candy and release any air bubbles.Let strawberry dry before adding floral tape.Tape from under berry, add leaves a few inches down.

5.Chill(freeze or fridge) candy in mold until firm. Pop molded treat out when firm.

Perhaps she would enjoy a lovely bouquet!

Bountiful Bouquet


12 mini sweet bell peppers, red,yellow,orange
1 head broccoli, cut into long florets
1 carrot, sliced with wavy knife if desired
1 yellow squash, 1/4" slices
1 zucchini squash, 1/4" slice for flowers.or very thin for centers
several leaves of red cabbage
scallions, as many as desired

I put all flowers on skewers covered with floral tape just up to the flower part.I built up a few layers of tape under the flower to prevent sliding,but you can use a slice of carrot to prevent this.(I plan on experimenting with skewers dyed with green juice when I have time. If serving to children, you may want to use lollipop sticks or drink stirrers, in place of skewers.

1.Cut flower shape from yellow squash. Add carrot center.

2.For tulips use, mini sweet peppers,cut zig-zag shape, remove any seeds,fill with shreds of purple cabbage. Leave some small peppers whole,like buds.Use cut part as small flower.

3.Cut root off scallion,make several lengthwise cuts in that end about one inch long,place in ice water to “bloom”.

4.Cut flowers of purple cabbage with centers of carrot and squash.

5.Arrange in pretty cup, container, or plant some in wheat grass. Of course you can use any veggie combo. The classic radish rose would look good.I kept this simple.

6.Use broccoli florets to fill in.

Serve with a favorite dip.

note:all cutters were from Wilton and can be found in the cake decorating department of craft or large department stores,they are fondant cutters, sold in sets of 3 sizes.

Here is one more unique gift for Mom that you can make yourself

Berry-yummy Bouquet

makes one bouquet,and extra dipped fruit

Delicious and simple chocolate-dipped strawberries, good for special occasions.

½ cup coconut oil
1/2 cup cocoa butter
2 tablespoon cocoa powder, heaping,or more to taste
1 tablespoon light agave
12 strawberries
6 blackberries
1 medium bunch grapes
1 bunch mint
wooden skewers
cup or container for arrangement
floral foam to fit container

1.Wash and dry all fruit.

2.Melt coconut oil and cocoa butter in a small bowl placed in a larger bowl of hot water.Stir until well melted, strain out anything that is not melted.

3.Add cocoa powder and agave. Allow mixture to cool down till thickened,like hot fudge.

4.Skewer desired amount of berries.Dip/twirl berries into chocolate.(At this point you could double dip chocolate into chopped nuts or shredded coconut.)Dip extra berries and grapes in remaining chocolate so you don’t have to eat arrangement right away!

If desired you should have enough chocolate for 24 strawberries,for a fuller bouquet.of course you may use any fruit you like in this,the combinations are endless,I just used what I had in the fridge!

I had a piece of Styrofoam to stick skewer in till chocolate dried

5.Arrange in cup or container using mint to fill in.

For bouquet pictured I dipped 12 strawberries, 6 blackberries and had 5 plain grape skewers. I added about 4 grapes under the berries to hide skewers.

A plateful of chocolate dipped strawberries would be lovely.

Remember, Mother's Day is Sunday. I wish all Moms everywhere a happy day!


zafran said...

Lovely gift for mom i really like it so much. flowers

nurse practitioner salary said...

It is a nice raw gift to mom. It is such an unique idea. I love my mom and I like to give her green gift on her birthday.

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