Making Raw Nut Butter

Hi everyone! Another busy week has flown by for me...hope you are all staying well and happy:)

This week has been a scorcher in the Adirondacks. How hot has it been? Just look!

I actually have not been on the computer much because it is in the direct flow of the air conditioner!!! I am very grateful to have one in this heat, but... {{{BRRRRRRRR}}}...Once in a while I have to go outside for a few minutes and warm up.

To my blogging buddies: I hope to catch up on some much missed blog reading very soon:)

While I was staying cool inside, it was the perfect time to experiment with new recipes, and prepare some raw staples like nut butter.

The following pictures are of making raw almond butter, but any nuts, seeds, or even shredded coconut(for homemade coconut butter, of course!) can be used. One of my favorites is a "rawtella", using hazelnuts, cacao powder and coconut sugar :)

Every once in a while, I treat myself to raw almonds from Spain, but not today:)

I used organic almonds from the bulk bins at the co-op.

Here are some step-by-step pictures of making raw nut butters:

1. Soak your nuts:) Tip: Only soak them if you can dehydrate them!

Haha...the camera fogged up going from the air conditioned house to the heat outside! This was about 4 cups of almonds. For my size processor bowl(11 cups) four cups is the least amount that will blend properly.

It is up to you if you want to soak your nuts/seeds. If using dry, un-soaked nuts, you should be able to omit the oil, and it may take a bit longer.

~ETA~ For best results, use DRY nuts, either soaked and dehydrated, or un-soaked.
Wet nuts, or trying to add water instead of oil gives a pasty, rather than creamy result, and the nut butter will spoil quicker.

After soaking about 8 hours, almonds may be peeled by "popping" them out of their skins. Just pinch them between your thumb and first finger. The butter will be light in color, and taste a bit different if you peel them.

2. Dehydrate your nuts or seeds if you soaked them about 8-12 hours or more depending on nuts used:

3. Place your nuts in a food processor fitted with the "S" blade.

Tip: Process just until crumbs form to make nut flour used for recipes:)

Nuts will begin to stick to the sides of the container and you may need to stop and scrape the sides.

4. Add a tablespoon of oil, and continue processing. I like to use the matching oil, but any neutral, light oil will work. The natural oils in the nuts will start breaking down as well, so I always start with 1 tablespoon of oil. You can also add a little salt to taste if desired. It is also good with a touch of sweetener, or even cacao powder for a treat.

Soon a ball will form, and you can use it like this in recipes like nut butter cups:)

Continue processing and add a bit more oil if needed. All nuts are different, so I like to add the oil 1 tablespoon at a time (usually 3T, no more than 4T) until a smooth, creamy butter forms.

It does get warm, but not too warm:)

That's it! Homemade raw nut butter in about 12 minutes, not counting the soaking or the dehydrating time haha:) You may have to let it go a bit longer, depending on your processor. It will keep for several weeks in a glass jar in the fridge. And remember, you can make a quick nut milk by blending about a tablespoonful of nut butter with a cup of water:)

Until a few years ago, I would never have thought of making my own nut butters, but now I love it! Have you ever made your own nut butters? What is your favorite?

Well, my hands are freeezzzing now...lol! Thanks so much for dropping by today and I hope you all have a great weekend!

ETA~ Click here for making nut butter in a Vitamix:)


Anonymous said...

I never made almond butter!! but now I will ☺ it is very inspiring to see how you made it ♥

bitt said...

Looks so yummy!

Does it work the same if you don't soak and dehydrate? I want to try it with hazelnuts too. They are much cheaper here.

evergreen said...

@bitt...It should work the same for un-soaked nuts, as far as I know. As long as the nuts are dry it should be OK:) Yum...hazelnut butter!

Carissa said...

Ok well I feel retarded. I just made some walnut butter the other day, but forgot to soak them first. This explains a lot :)

evergreen said...

Hi Carissa...I just checked out your post with the walnut butter real quick...it just needed to go a bit longer, or add a spoon of oil to loosen it. Personally, I love it like that sometimes:) HTH

HiHoRosie said...

hot cha cha! It is hot by you! It's hot here but not that hot. Love nut butters - thanks for the helpful post. I should make some of my own one of these days. My baby Caleb loves almond butter. :)

Carissa said...

Ok thanks! I'll do that next time. It came out good, but dry. I couldn't figure out what went wrong. My problem too is that I like to experiment a lot and I don't go off of recipes, and then sometimes it works, sometimes, not so much.

Stormy said...

i've made my own peanut butter & plan on making this almond butter
in the near future.

you posted this @ the right time - thanks! ;)

Jackie (Peaces of Earth) said...

Holy moly!!! It is hot by you! I just got to Long Island and I'm sweating to death. I sure am spoiled in San Diego - the weather is always just perfect year round. Btw, what part of LI are you from?? I'm from Freeport on the South Shore in Nassau. :) That's fun, that you're a LIer!

I've never made my own nut butter before, but have been meaning to try. This look great!!

Fayinagirl (means Free One) said...

I often forget about the advantages of soaking nuts and seeds before eating them. I need to post it on the fridge or something. =)

Your almond butter looks so yummy. Glad you are staying cool. I remember those kind of temps from living in Texas. whew! steamy!

Noelle said...

Yay! This looks and sounds perfect! I will refer to this process when I make my own butter. Thanks!

Nihacc said...

Hi! Your step-by-step recipes are always so inspiring... I usually make tahini and sweet hazelnut butter (both un-soaked), and I love them! I've never tried almond butter, so I think it's time to do it :) Thanks!!

Pam said...

Holy Heck...that's hot! Love almond butter and Angela your's looks so creamy and yummy! Stay cool! xoxo

evergreen said...

Thanks for your comments, everyone!

@Jackie...I am originally from Massapequa Park, and I know the Freeport area well:) Hope you are enjoying your time on 'the island'!!!

Melissa said...

WOW...over 40 degrees..that is a scorcher! Glad you have the AC!!
Your almond butter looks so good:) I've been wanting to make nut butter for awhile..especially almond but all the almonds here are pasturized:( I want to try making my own tahini and maybe brazil nut...Mmmm!
Hope you had a lovely weekend:)

Pure2raw twins said...

It has been awhile since I made almond butter...just lazy ; ) Yours looks great, thanks for sharing!!

La Mama Naturale' said...

It's been hot here too, Angela! Your nut butter looks gorgeous. I love almond butter. I like to all kinds too- BUT, since becoming curious about raw I haven't tried doing it this way! YUM.

Julia said...

wow that's even easier than I thought it would be. I may have to get a food processor so I can do this. I have a vitamix do you know if that would work?

evergreen said...

Hi Julia...I did a quick search and came up with this link from the Raw Freedom Community site about making nut butter in a Vitamix:


Let me know how it comes out if you try it:)

Julia said...

Thanks for the link!

evergreen said...

You're welcome, Julia. I will edit that link into the post just in case someone else would like to make nut butter in the Vitamix:)

Megan @ Healthy Hoggin' said...

Just discovered your blog through the Pure2Raw girls. :D

I just tried making my own nut butter for the first time this weekend with my Vita-Mix! I loved it! So fast and easy, plus WAY cheaper than buy raw nut butter at the store... I did cashew butter last time, but I think almond butter is next!

evergreen said...

Welcome, Megan :) Thanks for stopping by. Your cashew butter looks awesome...glad the Vitamix works so well!

James said...

Thanks for sharing your recipe. Your almond butter looks incredible. And raw nuts are such a good source of healthy vegan fat and protien. Keep up the great work!

Shana said...

This looks GREAT! Everybody needs a good recipe for raw nut butter and this looks perfect. :) Thanks for sharing the pix.

Mark said...

Thanks. I can feel the Love you share when you show us what you've learned. I feel warm and loving, and it meets my need for hope/connection. Thanks. Love to you.

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