Keepin' My Cool :)

Welcome back everyone! Hope you are all staying cool. The Adirondack mountains have chilled out a bit lately, but it is still warm enough for one of my favorite raw treats, Popsicles!

They are so easy to create, and help keep you hydrated in the hot weather in a fun way.

The "recipe" is simple, just use your favorite liquid like fruit puree, juice, or smoothie (yup, even a green one). If you like fudgesicles, you can use your favorite avocado pudding, yum!

Even banana soft-serve is delish as a Popsicle. For the pops pictured, the white was 1 young Thai coconut, pureed with a splash of coconut water, a dash of coconut nectar, and a squeeze of lime. The yellow was sweet, juicy pineapple, and the red was dark, sweet cherries with a spoon of coconut nectar. Some flavors taste a bit less sweet to me when frozen, but you can omit all sweeteners if you prefer:)

My favorite flavors in this pop were the pineapple and cherry:)

Check out this very cool stainless steel ONYX Popsicle Mold from the tickle Trunk. I absolutely adore it!

The mold is so well made, I think it could become a family heirloom!

One great feature is that the pops can be made one at a time, the perfect thing to make with that little extra smoothie that won't fit in the glass. Frozen pops can be removed as soon as they are solid, and new treats can be made since you need to use a new stick each time. The company is actually working on re-usable bamboo sticks! In the meantime they do come with extra sticks, and you can find replacements if needed.
The tops have a colorful silicone seal around the stick, and they give you an extra set, too. I found it easier to insert the stick from the underside of the top, so the seal doesn't pop out.

I will be reusing the 'spent' sticks myself in a crafty trivet or something :)

I stored a few Popsicles (removed from molds) in the freezer, wrapped in parchment paper:

I even made some like my bloggie friend, bitt, who used sweetened tea. Mine were double strength mint tea, sweetened with coconut nectar. Yum!!! The orange pops are persimmon...absolutely fantastic! The nice ripe persimmons got a little smushed on the way home from the market this weekend, so into the Popsicle they went! I still have an older plastic mold, so I used that for this batch.

They were all so cool and refreshing, but the mint was especially nice.

If it is hot where you live, I would love to hear about your ways of staying cool!

For those interested, I should be back soon with a kombucha update since momma SCOBY has given birth haha!!!

I would also like to thank the lovely Pure2Raw twins, Michelle and Lori, for featuring a few of my socca pictures on their blog earlier this week in a feature called "Socca Sunday"! Although it is not raw, I am totally in love with it! Thanks so much, Michelle and Lori:)


La Mama Naturale' said...

Thanks for the kind words, Angela! The hub and I had another discussion last night... it would definitely be hard to go back at this point... and pretty ignorant in our opinions...hee, hee! Anywho, fantastic popsicle line up!! They all sound mighty refreshing. Love persimmon...mmm! I also adore the stainless steel mold. Too cool!!! ;-) & so happy to hear that you liked the Banana Berry Hemp Butter wrap. Yay!!! I didn't know it could be sooo delish made at home. Mmm! ;P Hope you're having a marvy day! Thanks again.

Antony said...

Love the stainless steel molds Angela. Love the idea of popsicles as well - just need the weather to get a bit hotter which I'm sure it will :-)

Pure2Raw Twins said...

Aww, no problem girl! We are glad you joined in on the socca love :) Those popsicles are so cute. I love all the different colors. They sound all so refreshing.

Julia said...

the popsicles look great and I love those molds! Must go check them out now!

kelli said...

YUM! love the idea of coconut in popsicles, and your flavors sound delish! i want those molds so bad! maybe i'll treat myself.=)

congrats to mama scoby on her new baby (hehe)! i've got too many babies - time to start finding them new homes!=)

Elizabeth said...

Those molds are great. I have really lame cheap ones and a fairly decent not so cheap set. I would love to replace them all with the stainless b/c mine are plastic. Don't like plastic.
Peace and Raw Health,

Heather Pace said...

Your popsicles look fabulous girlie! I just made some the other day... so perfect for summer, and brings me back to childhood. Your molds are totally awesome. I still have all the ones my mom used when I was a child :)

bitt said...

My mouth is watering for some of those right now. Young coconut would be perfect in a pop.

Those molds are so hip, they would even match my fridge.

Glad you liked the tea pops. Super easy, huh? And dirt cheap.

My scoby is having a baby too. Hot weather is perfect for booch making.

Jackie (Peaces of Earth) said...

Oooh, popsicles!! Brings me back to the good ol' days. :) Yours look beautiful. I LOVE those molds!! I have been talking about buying popsicle molds forever and those are perfect!

Nelly said...

oh!!!! what a fantastic post!!!

i need to find myself some molds...and make popsicles!!! love your falvour combos!!!

i really need to start making my own kombucha...

Melissa said...

oh my goodness..these look amazing!! They remind me of those popsicles called "the rocket" that I would buy from the corner store!
And that popsicle tray is amazing!! I love it
Congrats on the scoby baby lol!
I stay cool by drinking some sparkling mineral water and jumping into the lake:)

Isle Dance said...

Oh, what fantastic lovely treats - YUM! :o)

HiHoRosie said...

Love this! And I love the idea of mint tea with coconut nectar and yummy for pineapple and cherry too. I really like these popscicle molds better than the cheap plastic ones I had back in the day.

Nihacc said...

I love your stainless steel molds! And the popsicles look delicious... the coconut-pineaple-cherry one is a great idea!

Addicted to Veggies said...

Yay! Popsicles!!!
Must have that mold...

Fayinagirl (means Free One) said...

That popsicle mold is awesome! And I love that you wrapped your treats in parchment paper. =)

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