Raw Vegan Turkey:)

Today I really did eat a turkey for lunch!

Well at least it looked like a turkey:)

This is a really quick idea for a healthy raw veggie platter for Thanksgiving. Your guests will be sure to gobble it up:)

Thank you to Raw Food Nation for featuring my lil' turkey in their raw Thanksgiving round-up!

Here is how I made my raw vegan turkey:)

The veggies are purple cabbage, red, yellow, and orange mini sweet peppers, large yellow bell pepper, celery, and broccoli.

The mini peppers were quartered for feathers, along with fresh broccoli florets and leaves of purple cabbage cut into feather shapes.

It can be made with any veggies you like. Thin slices of green or yellow squash, carrots, cucumber, baby tomatoes, greens, cauliflower florets, or colorful root veggies would also work well.

The front of the turkey is made using a piece of the large yellow pepper cut into a pear shape with an orange pepper triangle beak and a red pepper cut into a long teardrop for the waddle.

The eyes are black sesame seeds. The feet are pieces of celery.

The veggies can be arranged directly in a pool of creamy dip as pictured above, or they can be arranged on the plate, with the dip in a bowl.

Either way it is cute and festive for Thanksgiving.

This raw vegan turkey can be made as large or as small as you need. Stack the veggie feathers as high as you want to make it larger. Arrange the feathers in a semi-circle with the body in the center of the dip if making it large.

The dip can be whatever you like, but I couldn't wait to try the hummus that the lovely bitt had posted on her blog today from Ani Phyo:) Thanks bitt and Ani, I loved it!

The dip doesn't have to be part of the turkey. Any salad can be arranged like this!

Here are links to more Thanksgiving Turkeys made from veggies!!!

Click this link for another turkey made of veggies! It's awesome:)

Thanksgiving Turkey Veggie Tray from Recipe Zaar!

Click here for a link to a larger veggie turkey centerpiece from Taste of Home.

A huge 3-D veggie turkey centerpiece from Radish magazine.

I have also seen this made from fruit, using a pineapple or melon as the body with skewered fruit as the feathers. I will post if I make it in fruit:)

Please click here to visit my previous post for links to healthy raw vegan Thanksgiving recipes.


Unknown said...

That is so dang cute! A prefect dip tray idea for everybody that day!

evergreen said...

Thanks for your sweet comments Pam and Claire:)

Lau-raw said...

Wow! wow! wow! You are a true artist!! I love the Turkey! I want to make it now! =o)

evergreen said...

Hi Lau-raw!...Thank you:)

I hope you try it, it's so easy!

bitt said...

i think your turkey is the cutest! small is great.

thanks for helping our animal friends.

evergreen said...

Hi bitt!...thanks, I really loved the hummus from your blog with the peppers...hugs!

Emily Kate said...

We included this in our edible turkey post today! http://sstorywindow.blogspot.com/2010/11/turkey-time.html

Julia said...

I love it! I made a similar one with a Waldorf pate. Yours is way cute! I love the idea of using the pepper for the face.
Thank you for posting this! :D

Johny said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
swansonshop said...

I love healthy food! It is really tasty!

Marika said...

Wow, really nice chicken! You are a true artist!!

Mojemusli said...

It looks really great, for some it tastes the same, best regards!

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