Raw Vegan Thanksgiving

With Thanksgiving only a few weeks away, many of us have been thinking of the Thanksgiving menu.

We sometimes relate holidays with the meal itself. It's hard not too!

I bet if you say the word "Thanksgiving" to most non-vegan people, they will say "turkey".

But I just thought of this pie that I made last year. It was so yummy! It is from poemomm at goneraw. Click here for the recipe.

I can still think about food for the holidays, just raw, vegan, healthy food!!!:)

Many raw foodies stress out about the holidays and worry about staying raw.

But don't worry, there are tons of raw holiday recipes on the internet. Google it and see!
I will be posting links for raw vegan thanksgiving recipes and ideas as I find them here:

The famous Fruit Gobbler turkey centerpiece from Family Fun...omit cheese:)

Here is the link for the Thanksgiving recipes at Gone Raw

An entire blog dedicated to surviving the holidays, with awesome looking recipes!!!!

Look at the raw vegan Thanksgiving menu at Pure Food and Wine. WOW!

Much of the Thanksgiving Take-away menu from One Lucky Duck is in Sarma's latest book, Living Raw Food. It is awesome! Check my post on it!

Raw Food Life gathered these yummy looking raw vegan holiday recipes.

My own raw veggie "turkey" platter:)

The Juiciest Turkey Ever:)

A very Sweet Lil' Turkey

My Pilgrim Hat Brownies

Remember you can make little sweet potato punkins!

CranBanApple Parfait by Mike Lieberman

Raw Cranberry Salad

Raw Caponata Turkey:)

Please feel free to send me any links to your own blogs or anywhere else you have a favorite Thanksgiving recipe and I will be happy to include your link here:)

I must say, I do envy those of you who have other family members who eat raw. This must make holiday get-togethers so much easier:)

I would love to be able to prepare an entirely raw Thanksgiving feast. But alas, I am the only one who eats raw around here.

So here is how I look at it.

I think of 'the holidays' as only two meals I need to worry about, not an entire season. One meal on Thanksgiving, and one on Christmas. Almost every other meal I have around this time is healthy, raw, and vegan.

I still love to have the family over to our house for holidays, especially since I am the one doing all the cooking:)

I still prepare a typical Thanksgiving meal complete with the 'T' word. I always include lots of side dishes that are vegan. Many are raw and some are cooked.

As you may know, I do eat a small amount of cooked vegan occasionally, a little on weekends if I have no other choice, and at family events like holidays.

Once we are all at the table, everyone helps themselves to the food. I don't really look to see what anyone else has on their plate, and no one seems to notice what is on mine. We are all together at the same table, enjoying a meal, laughing, joking, loving each others company and that is what matters. The food is secondary to everything else.

The little ones do have to eat most of their veggies before we...I mean they... go play with the play-doh:)

If I go somewhere else for a festive occasion, I bring a fresh fruit platter and a fresh veggie platter for everyone (including me!) to enjoy.

Now, you may be surprised to know that as a vegan, I have been enjoying turkey all morning!

Don't worry, I haven't abandoned vegan-ism.

Hee hee, did I scare you?

There are several flocks of wild turkeys that wander around my neighborhood every day! I love watching them! They are in the yard so often the dog doesn't even get up anymore when he sees them:)

These were in my backyard this morning

I just love to ummmm....shoot them....with my camera of course!!!!

This one did not realize I was about 5 feet away.

Until now!! She took off like the roadrunner...beep beep!

These turkeys are stuffed...

...with fresh apples...sorry:)

See, you can still enjoy the holidays, including turkey, if you are a raw vegan!!!

Here is a little food for thought:
If you haven't read this post yet, check it out:
Gena's thought provoking post about what food is not!

I wanted to add an observation of mine...something we often say had me thinking the other day.

People often say "What do you feel like eating?"

This harmless little question says a lot about the way people choose what they eat.

Just once I would love to hear "What should we choose to eat that would nourish us and keep us healthy" LOL!!! Sounds funny right? I guess that's why I never hear that!

How about just saying "What do you think we should eat?":)

Think about it:)

Wishing everyone a Happy Thanksgiving, or should I say "Happy Thinksgiving"...lol!


Anonymous said...

I just shared this post with Naked Food Cafe Community. Thanks! I loved it!

Love & Sunshine!

bitt said...

oh you did scare me! wild turkeys are so beautiful! i used to see a lot of them when i lived in Massachusetts. it always is shocking how thin they are then you realize the commercial ones are force-fed and genetically bred to be too fat.

evergreen said...

Hi Connie...glad you liked the post and thanks for sharing! You are quite a busy lady, I just found NFCC:)

Hi bitt...sorry I scared you:)

I love watching all the wildlife here. The turkeys are really fun because there are so many and they wander around in big groups. I hope to get a pic of the tom one day...he is huge!!

If only more people knew what the commercial ones go through we would have a lot more vegans in the world.

Colleen said...

That pie looks beautiful! You continue amaze and inspire me with every post. Thank you!!!

Colleen said...

BTW my kids are asking me to make them Popcorn balls (someone brought them to school). I'm trying to figure out how to rawify them. It sounds like something you could definately conquer!!!

evergreen said...

Hi Colleen!...I remember you from gone raw!:) Thanks for the lovely comment!

Popcorn balls are a tough one! The only popcorn sub I know of is the dehydrated cauliflower. I can't imagine that sweetened, but you never know:)

How about your Rawce Krispy Treats shaped into balls, they look so good :)

Gourmet Nuts said...

We did a vegan thanksgiving one year for my brother! It was really really good and afterward none of us felt sluggish as we usually do.

Jeffrey said...

A very interesting entry, as always!

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