A Big Kiss for Mom!

Hi everyone! I am so excited to return to my happy raw kitchen just in time to share a special raw treat for Mother's Day.

This big giant "kiss" is so fast and easy. It is a raw variation of something I used to make with the little ones in my former daycare, and everyone always loved it! We used to make it with rice krispie treats or chocolate covered cheerios...shhhh!

You will need a few simple things:

1.) A funnel...this one has a lovely "kiss" shape:)

2.) A favorite recipe for raw chocolate, or raw brownies, or *anything else that can be shaped. Some yummy raw chocolate, either plain, or with fruit and nuts added is always delish!

3.) A square of foil or shiny silver fabric if you have it. You will need a bit of clear tape to secure the top if you are using fabric.

4.) A square of waxed paper.

5.) A strip of paper for a sweet message to tuck in. I printed out some messages on a word document and cut them into strips.

Step 1:
Prepare your treat recipe. I used some raw chocolate covered buckwheaties, the raw foodies answer to the chocolate "crunch" bar :)

Step 2:
Fill a funnel with the treat mixture to shape it. Be sure to plug the hole in the bottom of the funnel with something if your mixture might run out. Raw brownie mixes should be fine without filling the hole. Of course, you can hand shape brownie type treats into a "kiss" shape by hand. (I set the chocolate crisp filled funnel in a teacup to chill in the fridge until hard).

When it was chilled, I un-molded the "kiss".

Step 3:
Wrap the treat in waxed paper.

Step 4:
Wrap the treat in foil or shiny metallic fabric for a more eco-friendly version:)
Before securing the tip, tuck in your paper strip with a sweet message to Mom!

*** ETA*** For my sweet "fruity" friends :)!!!

*You can still enjoy making this treat with all fresh fruit.

Simply fill the corner of a "baggie"(I know, not so eco-friendly) with fruit. I used berries, but any small or cut up fruit could work. Secure the bag with a twist tie and snip off the excess bag.

I added a small circle of light cardboard (from a tea box) under the berries to prevent squishing and shape the bottom of the sweet fruity kiss. I used the seal from a mason jar as a template for the circle.

Wrap in foil or fabric, adding a special message as desired.

Smaller kisses can be made simply using strawberries.

I hope you like this fast and easy raw treat idea.

Happy Mother's Day, everyone.

Love and hugs (and raw chocolate, or fruity, kisses) to all!!!

P.S. to all my blogging buddies...By the looks of my Google reader, you have all been very busy since I was away, and I look forward to seeing what everyone has been up to.


Natalie said...

ooo, looks delicious! what a great idea!

HiHoRosie said...

Welcome back! And what a fun treat! Thanks for sharing the DIY. ;)

Melissa said...

ANGELA!!! YAY! welcome back:)what a beautiful chocolate kiss! Thank you for sharing!

bitt of raw said...

Missed you like crazy! A big kiss to you! Mwah.

Angelique said...

Oh my gosh, you've still got it! So cute and clever.
Thanks A!

Fayinagirl (means Free One) said...

Welcome back, Angela! You were sorely missed. {{{{{{{{hugs}}}}}}}

The chocolate kiss looks yummy, of course. A giant kiss for you too...mwah!! ;-)

evergreen said...

Thank you all so much for the wonderful comments. Your support means so much to me!

Pam said...

Evergreen, YOUR BACK! Yippee! We missed YOU! This treat looks so cool and yummy!


Vegan Valerie said...

I noticed you are following my blog! Thank you! That always means so much to me! And this "Hershey's" kiss inspired raw dessert is the best idea ever! How adorable! I bet it tasted delicious! It's so nice to meet you! :)

Nelly said...

so so so cute...what a lovely idea!

Pure2Raw twins said...

Welcome back girl! This is such a cute idea, love it!

kelli said...

yayyy you're back! so happy to see you!=)

love the kiss idea. so cute!

VeganLisa said...

so kind of you to return with a kiss. You were greatly missed.

Welcome back!

Selena's Raw Kitchen of Love: "The food you eat can be either the safest and most powerful form of medicine, or the slowest form of poison." --Dr. Ann Wigmore, N.D said...

WOW! I love this idea, thank you!:)

Anonymous said...

Glad you are back! I just posted this on facebook. What a cute idea!

Love & Sunshine!

April said...

Your mom is so lucky! You are so creative!!

Julia said...

So good to see you back and thanks for stopping by to say hi!

Those kisses look great and are just too creative!

La Mama Naturale' said...

Hi Angela!
So glad to you're back to blogging again. Love this creation. What a wonderful gift. You are so clever and thoughtful. Thank you for stopping by my blog and the kind words. Really looking forward to your future posts. Have a great week! :)

Pam said...

Hi Angela,

I just wanted you to know that my email address file pam101360@gmail.com as been hacked so I can't use it....my new address is rawfood60@gmail.com.

Thanks Sweetie and have a wonderful day!


Heather Pace said...

This is seriously COOL!!!!

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