King Oyster Mushroom "Calamari"

I have been intrigued by Sarma's recipe for King Oyster Mushroom "Calamari" since I first saw it on page 155 of Living Raw Food.

Have I mentioned that this book is one of my favorite raw recipe books...ever?

Since I may never get to experience dining at Sarma's famous restaurant, Pure Food and Wine, this is the next best thing! Thank you Sarma, for putting your recipes in this lovely book for us:)

The hardest part about this recipe may be finding the king oyster mushroom. If you have an Asian market in your neighborhood, this might be the place to go. Around here, it is the only place I have seen them. If you don't know what they look like, here is a picture of mine.

I almost forgot they were in the fridge, and the cap of one got a bit frozen, but you don't use the cap for this recipe. And yes, they do sorta remind me of...

a peeled eggplant ;) As a matter of fact, Heathy used eggplant when she made this:)

This is what I consider a fun recipe. I get to play with things like cookie cutters. It is easy to make, and is really pretty quick. It is unique, and it tastes awesome! As usual, I scaled the recipe way down since it is just for moi:)

The first thing to do is slice the mushroom stems, and cut them into rings. I have a set of circle cutters of all different sizes that made the job very easy. If you don't have a circle cutter, the tops of small and large spice jars might work, and they are exactly the size of the two cutters I used. My blogging friend, Bitt, used an apple corer:)

I was able to get two or three rings from each slice.

There was a smaller cutter, but I thought it would be nice to make some "scallops" with the solid middle of each slice.

Sarma mentioned in the book that they make scallops at the restaurant. I just marinated mine in lemon, oil, dulse flakes, and some spices. They were delish!

The calamari is marinated for about a half hour, then coated with seasoned flax seed crumbs. After several hours in the dehydrator, they were perfect!

To accompany the calamari, there are two yummy condiments. A tartar sauce, and a cocktail sauce. I made both in a smaller batch (to my own tastes) and they are incredible! I could not decide which one I liked better, so I enjoyed a little of both and a squeeze of lemon on each tender calamari ring:)

A BIG HUGE THANKS to Sarma for sharing this delicious recipe!

Again, a word to my blogging friends...

Google reader is still cranky :(

I am having some issues commenting on almost everyone's blog this week! I can not even leave a comment on my own blog...lol! If you have blog comments powered by "disqus", it will not load for me at all. The problems are most likely on my end, and I hope to resolve them soon.

In the meantime, I am loving all your posts, and really wish I could comment...maybe someone is trying to keep me quiet??..LOL!


Pam said...

Angela...girl...those are awesome...you just keep gettin better and better! Those sauces are to live for...they look so creamy!


P.S. sorry your having puter troubles...darn critters!

Nelly said...

oh yum!!!!

i just wish i didn't hate flax so much!


kelli said...

holy calamari! those look way better than anything i've seen in a restaurant. gorgeous presentation!

i LOVE the scallop idea! amazing what you can do with those mushrooms. i hope i can find them around me.

thanks for sharing!


Fayinagirl (means Free One) said...

Hurray! I can finally post a comment (it wouldn't let me earlier). Silly google.

Both of those dishes look yummilicious! Knocking it outta the park again, Angela. ;-)

bitt of raw said...

great idea to do scallops.

your calamari looks so good i feel guilty looking at it.

Pure2raw twins said...

YUM! What a great dish!

Camille (Raw Candy) said...

Your calamari looks delicious! I've made the recipe before and agree it is totally amazing how much they look like the real thing. I've never had actual calamri but apparently they taste fairly close, too. And the tartar sauce recipe is awesome.

Heather Pace said...

Your calamari looks amazing - I still have yet to try the king oyster mushies... havent been able to find them, boo hoo :( I agree, the recipe is fab!
The eggplant was good too though!

La Mama Naturale' said...

Those look sooooo good! *drool* Great idea on the scallops. It all looks wonderfully delicious. :)

julialikesred said...

Oh, my god, these look amazing. The ONE thing I miss, being vegetarian, is calamari.

Nihacc said...

Love the recipe! I did it twice... with eggplant because I did'nt find that mushroom. Thanks!!!

Revend said...

It is a great blog about different raw food recipes and ideas. I like this kitchen. Raw food is my favorite food so i like this information.

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