Raw Lemon Poppy Seed Cake

I recently signed up to receive a weekly raw newsletter, and this luscious raw lemon poppy seed cake recipe was in last weeks letter. I hope it is O.K. to post the link to the recipe, since it is also found online:)

The links to this recipe are no longer working. Due to so many requests for the recipe for this lovely cake, I am now posting the recipe, copied and pasted, as it originally appeared on Raw Freedom Community.

1 1/2 c grated Jicama *** if it's too 'juicy' squeeze the liquid out by hands*
1 Granny Smith Apple pealed & ground
2 c. Almonds soaked/dehydrated ground fine
4 T golden flax ground fine
1/4 c agave
1 tsp vanilla
lemon juice and zest of 1 lemon
1/2 c poppy seeds.

Mix all Ingredients and form in any shape you want; I made a 5 1/2 inch round dish lined with saran wrap.

Then top the first layer with Frosting

Then top the 2nd layer/round. Flip out and place on a plate and frost the whole cake (top & sides)

Frosting: ****THIS IS SO LIKE 'Costco' white frosting!

1 c OMEGA NUTRITION coconut oil (it does not smell/taste coconuty) The one I used is just like Crisco !

Beat/Whip this with beaters! from my SAD baking days!

Add 1/4 c agave

Juice of 1/2 lemon IF YOU LIKE MORE LEMON DO juice of 1 and or zest. whip again.

Spread quickly as it starts to melt a little.

Sprinkle Poppy Seeds on sides or designs if you make a different shape.

Top with Lemon zest curls or slices.

Place in Ref for an hour or so. Serve at room temperature!

 Thank you to wyjoz for this wonderful recipe!
This is a gorgeous lemon cake that is incredibly fast and easy to make. I did not measure everything exactly, and it still turned out so good!

I added a few drops of lemon extract to the cake and icing to enhance the lemon flavor that I love so much, and shaped the cake in a small bundt pan. I spooned on the creamy lemon icing and garnished with lemon peel rosebuds and a few fresh mint leaves.

If you love lemon like I do:) this is a fantastic recipe.


Joyce Holsten said...

Oh wonderful! You made Joz's famous lemon poppy seed cake! I recognized it right away! Been so meaning to try this one. Joz will be so happy when I finally do. Glad it's so good! New it would be. (I know Joz from the Raw Freedom Community)

Have a great day! Can't wait to check out your bacon post next! Never liked real bacon but I love the facon tempeh bacon! yum!

Joyce :-)

evergreen said...

Hi Joyce:)...this yummy cake was really good, please feel free to tell your friend Joz how much I enjoyed it!

I actually made this cake with the other half of a jicama used for the sliced jicama maple bacon in my bacon post:)

See you soon!

bitt said...

that is sooooo gorgeous. i will have to make that cake. :-)

evergreen said...

This is such an amazing recipe, and it took about a half hour to make, including clean-up:)

Joanna Steven said...

I shared the link with Jozzie, and she said you made her proud :))

evergreen said...

Thank you Joanna!...that was so nice of you:)

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