Sweet Strawberry Mice!

Here is a quick and easy treat for your little ones:) A cute back-to-school or after school snack!

Strawberry Mice

Ingredients per "mouse":
1 strawberry, remove hull, trim bottom to make it sit as desired.
2 pieces sliced almond
2 currants, cut in half, 3 halves are needed per mouse
1 thin strip dried papaya
toothpick for applying eyes and tail:)

1. Stick almond slices in strawberry for ears as shown.

2. Add cut currants for eyes and nose, cut side should be sticky, stick on using toothpick.

3. Insert papaya for tail as shown, making hole with toothpick if needed.

For "Cheese"
1 apple or pear makes several wedges

apple or pear, peel and remove core
lemon juice to prevent browning
drinking straw

1. Cut apple or pear into wedges

2. Push straw through wedges of apple or pear to look like swiss cheese:)

3. Sprinkle with lemon juice

Check out what happened to my sweet mice on Halloween!

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