Eating raw on the run

Sometimes if I have unexpected errands to run, I don't have anything prepared to take with me to eat. Keep in mind where I am, any errand takes several hours at least, since we live in the middle of nowhere :) When this happens, I can usually find a market with a take away salad bar, or just grab some fruit. Yesterday, while in the nearby town of Ticonderoga, I bought a bag of grapes from the market and headed downtown to enjoy them by the Carillon Falls .

It was only a bag of grapes, but the day was so beautiful, they tasted like the best grapes in the world! I was able to walk around the area a bit, and snap these pictures, before heading home. Here is the covered bridge in the same area.

This is a pic of the falls from the bridge

Today I had prepared my favorite caponata, so I was able to take it with me for lunch in a small cooler along with a jar of water from home.

I stopped by my favorite spot in my area to eat it. The sand/rock area on the left side of the picture is where I usually sit when I come here. The picture is taken from a bridge above the river, just over a spot where it is always raging.

The small oval container fits perfectly with a jar of ice water, which also acts as the ice pack to keep everything cold in my little mini-mate cooler.

This is my favorite place to walk or bike ride to in my neighborhood. Earlier in the week I walked along the river road and looked for the wild edibles mentioned in my previous post.

Here are some pictures of wild edibles I took during my walk, but I haven't been brave enough to eat any of them yet.



morel mushroom

There are a lot more pictures I took of plants I have to identify, and I will add them here when I do:)

red trillium

wild strawberry

I thought I would share this photo of a pretty moth. She followed me for a few minutes during my walk, and landed on these new maple leaves when I bent down to take a picture of some plant next to them. I guess she wanted her picture taken!

Wish I was quick enough to get a pic of the pair of deer that almost ran me down, maybe next time!

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