Stop and.... eat the roses!

I really have enjoyed exploring my area for wild edibles this week. Of course this includes flowers, as well. I remember how lovely it was the first time my plate was garnished with an orchid at a beautiful restaurant . Now you can actually buy edible flowers in the market with the fresh herbs. Or, pick them yourself! During a brief bike ride this morning, I picked a fresh dandelion. The white lilacs and pink honeysuckle are from my yard. The orchid was saved from a restaurant salad. Here is this mornings breakfast:)

Sweet-n-Special Soup

3 small apples
1 very ripe Bartlett pear
3-4 big strawberries
for garnish
petals from dandelion, honeysuckle, white lilac
mint leaves

In high speed blender, combine apple, pear and strawberries until smooth.
Pour into bowl and garnish with flower petals and mint.

Don't eat it too close to the honeysuckle bush :)

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