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My love of crafting has often helped me in the creation of raw food. I have to admit to actually stenciling my crazy carrot bread. Today, raw food inspired a craft! Lunch was a yummy bok choy salad. You may have guessed by now where I got the recipe:) Thanks to Phytofoods for the recipe. I made a whole meal out of it by adding the tomato and carrot she suggested and also some julienned daikon, slivered snow peas, and a sprinkling of sesame seeds. I also just used a whole little orange, instead of the juice called for.

As soon as I cut the bottom of the bok choy for this delicious salad, I was inspired! It looked just like a rose, and this piece was to be discarded. I remembered making prints once using the bottom of celery, but of course celery is much bigger. In a few minutes, I created several little cards using the bok choy as a rose! The leaves were made by the actual ink pad, and the words are rubber stamps.

If you are feeling creative, here is how the cards were made:
1. Dry the discarded end of the bok choy and rub it with the ink pad.
2. Stamp the roses on the card first.
3. Stamp a rose onto plain paper and cut it out to use as a "mask" (This will prevent the green ink from getting on the rose.)
4. Cover the rose on the card with the mask.
5. Stamp the leaves around the rose with the little ink pad. I added a little detail with a marker.
6. Using a rubber stamp, add the words.

This would be a good craft to do with your little ones, you may use some tempra paint for the ink, or try some beet juice!

Now this is really playing with your food!

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