Healthy Raw Halloween Recipes

October has always been my favorite month. Fall is such a beautiful season. Crisp air, changing leaves against the bluest skies, and some of my favorite fruit, like honeycrisp apples and concord grapes!

It is also the month to celebrate harvest time and Halloween!

I would like to share some of the healthy raw treats I have created especially for Halloween. The first four treats were made last year. I am adding links at the bottom of this post for all the new creepy cuisine from this year:)* More than 10 new recipes and ideas for 2009!!!

Darlin Clementine Punkins

Ingredients are per 'pumpkin'

1 clementine
12x12 square cling wrap
1" clear tape
scraps of felt, cut for eyes , nose, mouth, or googly eyes:)
twist tie
silk ivy leaf
green floral tape
glue, if not using self stick felt or googly eyes

1. Wrap clementine in cling film and twist tightly.

2. Secure at top with clear tape.

3. Cover clear tape with green floral tape, snip to desired length.

4. Attach ivy leaf to twist tie with floral tape,cover entire length of tie with tape.

5. Twist leaf/tie around stem as desired.

6. Apply face as desired.

Note: choose self-stick felt for really little children. This is a great one to have the kids make with you...they create the cutest faces!

This is the perfect healthy nut-free handout treat for Halloween, and the little ones really seem to love them:)

This pic shows the different steps:

You can also use colored construction paper for features and leaf and masking tape as an alternative for the stem:

Here are some cute faced punkins:




peeled banana, cut in half, each banana makes 2
orange juice
dried shredded coconut
currants or raisins
popsicle sticks

1. Sprinkle banana with orange juice

2. Roll in coconut...you may find it a little easier and neater to use a zip top bag for this step if the little ones are making these:)

3. Gently press in currant eyes

4. Place on popsicle stick

Can be frozen if the kiddies like them that way:)

I recently told someone in my HFS about the boo~nanners, and mentioned to just "Google" it for the recipe. I googled it myself to make sure it would come up and was very pleasantly surprised how many websites featured my lil boo~nanners:)

Frightening Fruit Fiends

Servings: 4 per apple


1 apple, cored and quartered
assorted nuts and seeds
nut butter
berries,grapes,or small fruit like kiwi berries
frilled toothpicks
orange juice

1. Carefully remove football shaped slice from apple quarter, reserve for tongue

2. Sprinkle all cut surfaces with orange juice

3. Fill with nut butter ,if desired

4. Add nuts or seeds as teeth, tongue is cut from removed apple piece(stick in with a bit of nut butter)

5. Add eyes with toothpicks using berries or grapes

These may be better for a little older boys and ghouls…I mean girls:)

Fudgey the Friendly Bat


2 cups unsoaked, pitted dates
¼ cup cocoa powder
sesame seeds, optional for "eyes"


1. Place dates in food processor fitted with “S” blade, and process until well chopped.

2. Add cocoa powder and process until a ball forms.

3. Roll to desired thickness, between cling wrap.

4. Chill until firm.

5. Cut as desired ..I used a small bat:)...also shown as a truffle in mini cupcake paper with holiday pick.

6. Decorate with sesame seeds for eyes and use the end of a straw at an angle to make a smile:)

Of course , you can use your favorite fudge or brownie recipe for this and make any additions like vanilla bean, or other flavorings:)

If you would like to individually wrap these, let them dry out a bit on the counter before slipping them into lollipop bags.

Store in fridge.
Click here to see these and more healthy raw Halloween treats from Gone Raw.

Oh, and Happy World Vegetarian Day everyone!

I am very honored to be mentioned on Vegan Baking, Raw Halloween Treats From Around The Web by Mike, aka CanarsieBK. Check out his site, and the other awesome links in that post:)

Thanks to Raw Food Nation for including two of my recipes in this post!

Thanks to Recycle Your Day for choosing my Halloween Chocolate to be in the top 5 healthier Hallogreen treats for 2009:)

Thank you for all the love and links in the blogosphere too:)

*I will be adding new raw and healthy Halloween ideas here:
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bitt said...

oh my gosh you've outdone yourself! love it.

one could probably do the pumpkins without the plastic wrap, right? i don't like that stuff.

evergreen said...


Sure, you can stick the features of the pumpkins right on the clementine since you peel it anyway. The wrap was mainly for the stem and leaf:)

Joanna Steven said...

These are adorable!! I absolutely have to try the clementine pumpkins :)

evergreen said...

Thanks Joanna!

I have lots of fun making the clementine punkins.

I brought a whole basket full of them to a gathering last year, and they were quite a conversation starter!

It was great to see all the little ones really loving them:)

Lau-raw said...

I love your blog, you are such creative!! =o) thanks for sharing.

Lau-raw =o)

evergreen said...

Hi Lau-raw:)...thank you for the lovely comment!

Mouq said...

Wow - how clever. Love your raw treats.

evergreen said...

Thank you, Mouq!...so sweet of you to comment:)

Anonymous said...

Bitt just shared this link with me and I LOVE it! Everything is so cute! Before Halloween I will share a link on both my blogs and on my forum. I can't wait to look around at the rest of your blog.

Love & Sunshine!

evergreen said...

Welcome Connie! (thanks bitt)

I am happy you found some ideas you like.

Thanks for the nice comment...and the love and sunshine too!


p.s. more fruity Halloween ideas coming soon!

College: Raw said...

These ideas are adorable! Thanks for getting me in the Halloween mood!

evergreen said...

Hi College:Raw...thanks!

I am getting in the mood too, since I am eating all these treats!!!

Feeling groovy... said...

These are wonderful! Thanks so much for sharing. My kids are going to love this.

evergreen said...

~Feeling groovy~ Thanks! I hope you all enjoy these ideas:)

Anonymous said...

I made the boo-nanners for my daughter's halloween party, which was today. Everyone loved them and thought they were so cute. Thanks for the recipe!!

evergreen said...

Thank you so much for letting me know! You made my day:)

Anita Avalos said...

Hey there! I found your site via Mike Lieberman and I made the Boo-Nanners with my Kindergarten class at our Halloween party! They were a big hit..I will have to send you pics! Thanks for all your wonderful ideas!

evergreen said...

Hi Anita! Mike is such an asset to the raw community...thanks Mike:)

I am thrilled that you made boo~nanners with your class:)

I would really love to see pictures, please send them if you have a minute!...my contact info is on my profile.

Thank you for your sweet comment.

Katie said...

Amazing!!! You are so creative!! I love it!! definitely going to have to try some of those!!!

Mona - SomeLikeItRaw said...

I made the Boo-Nanners tonight for a party of 20-somethings and they LOVED them!

Thanks for the great raw Halloween ideas. xoxo

Jo said...

Great ideas! Thanks a lot!

Meow Opre said...

I was looking for more Halloween Recipes and found your blog site. I hope it’s fine with you if I could pin some of these photos on my Pinterest boards. Thank you and keep sharing :D They look yummy than scary btw! Haha

Emerald Offree said...

I love them. Please allow me to add to my 2014 Halloween recipes ideas thanks!

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