Vampiric Vermin:)

It seems my Sweet Strawberry Mice got into some bad cheese!

Not-so-Sweet Strawberry Mice

Ingredients per "mouse":
1 strawberry, remove hull, trim bottom to make it sit as desired.
2 pumpkin seeds
2 sunflower seeds
2 currants, cut in half, 3 halves are needed per mouse
1 thin strip dried pineapple, cut using kitchen shears
toothpick for applying eyes and tail:)

1. Stick pumpkin seeds point up in strawberry for ears as shown.

2. Add cut currants for eyes and nose, cut side should be sticky, stick on using toothpick.

3. Add 2 sunflower seed fangs:)

4. Insert pineapple strip for tail as shown, making hole with toothpick if needed.

For "Cheese"
1 apple or pear makes several wedges

apple or pear, peel and remove core
lemon juice to prevent browning
tiny sprinkle of green powder such as vita-mineral green or spirulina
drinking straw

1. Cut apple or pear into wedges

2. Push straw through wedges of apple or pear to look like swiss cheese:)

3. Sprinkle with lemon juice

4. Sprinkle a little green powder to look like mold:)

I also wanted to let you know I mixed about a cup of the whipped sweet potatoes into a (3) banana soft serve today with a little extra maple syrup and pumpkin pie spice and it was awesome!

I got the idea when I scooped the mini pumpkins from the potato whip using an ice cream scoop. You can scoop little ice cream pumpkins decorated just like the sweet potatoes for a cute dessert in little cupcake papers. Use a mint leaf in place of the parsley. Freeze soft serve for a few hours before scooping.

If you need more healthy raw Halloween recipes click here:)


bitt said...

ok now i hae to decide which of your ideas to do for the halloween party i am going to. love those mice.

I have a new one for you:


evergreen said...

Bryan has some awesome creations, thanks for the link:)

Have a great time at the Halloween party!

Joyce Holsten said...

Wow Angela, you could write a Halloween raw recipe book on all this! Those mice are so cute and I love the ghosts in the gravy yard! Sounds like a super tasty dinner!

Joyce :-)

Pam said...

How cute!

evergreen said...

Thanks Joyce and Pam!

I just may have to write a book, Joyce...I have so many more ideas, and I really had fun playing with my food for the last month:)

Berry Blue Toes said...

Yum - I still have some frozen whipped sweet potatoes from Thanksgiving - what a great idea. I'm going to make some of your mini icecream pumpkins with it this weekend!

Anonymous said...

I love the mice and cheese! =P

evergreen said...

Thanks BBT...As you can see, I really had fun trying your awesome Thanksgiving recipes:)

Hi Connie...thanks:)

Amy said...

I just found this awesome raw recipe from nutritionals Rose Cole for an eggnog substitute. I can’t believe how good it is, and it’s sugar-free, dairy-free, and RAW! http://ow.ly/BN0C Just thought I would pass it on.

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