Raw Valentine Ravioli

One plate, two forks...

...A girl can dream, can't she? Ha hahha:)

Well, at least I know there are some raw foodies out there that have someone special in their life that would just love to share a beautiful plate of raw ravioli:)

Click here for this lovely recipe from raw chef Sarma Melngailis, featured at G Living.

I reduced the recipe to about about 1/3, so many of the ingredient amounts were estimated:)

Today I used both red and golden beets. The golden beets have a slightly milder flavor than the red, but I think they both worked well in the recipe. Of course, I cut them into little heart shapes for Valentines Day:)

I used an orange bell pepper for the delicious sauce, and subbed cashews for the pine nuts called for.

This fabulous meal came together very quickly and easily, and I thought it was awesome! Such a beautiful blend of flavors:)

If you haven't had beet ravioli before, this would be an awesome recipe to try!

Thank you to Sarma for sharing this recipe online for us all to enjoy!

Hope you all have a wonderful day!!!


Joanna Steven said...

I never had beet ravioli! No beets around right now, but as soon as they're back in season, I'll make this! I might plant some myself to make sure they are lovely and fresh :) Thank you :)

bitt of raw said...

I have a confession...I'm not a huge raw beet fan. I'd love to figure out a different veg to try this with. Maybe jicama?

Anonymous said...

This is lovely and YummO!
Thank's for sharing... Your Kitchen rOcks.


kelli said...

i guess it would be sweet to share... but i'd like that plate all for myself! =)

i recently learned i LOVE raw beets while making a juice. funny how i once thought they were inedible until cooked. silly me.

as usual your presentation is stunning. i am thinking of making this dish for v-day. thanks for the lovely idea! xoxo

evergreen said...

Hi Joanna~ I may try to have a garden this year for the first time! I would live to try planting beets, too.

Hi bitt~I would love to know if jicama works for this...my other fav for rawvioli is turnip:)

Thanks, HippiMom!

~kelli~ It was no problem for me to inhale, um... I mean savor... this plate all by myself:)

I always have a beet or two around for juicing, too:)

Michal said...

How gorgeous! Your creations are always plated so beautifully :)

Fayinagirl (means Free One) said...

It's beautiful! You have such an artistic eye. An artist, indeed. =)

Pam said...

That is one pretty dish! You can dream girl as much as you like!


Melissa said...

looks super yummy evergreen! Thanks for sharing. I want to give this a try soon..yum!

Audrey said...

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Here is the link to the giveaway: http://justaudreyblog.blogspot.com/2010/02/glass-dharma-straws-giveaway.html

Thanks! : )


Pure2raw twins said...

Love the valentine heart shaped ravioli!! Beautiful.

evergreen said...

~Michal~ Thanks so much:)


~Pam~TY...while I'm dreaming, I'd like to add a dozen red roses and a little blue box from Tiffany's:)

~Melissa~ I love all of Sarma's recipes, and this one was really fun and yummy!

~Audrey~ Thanks for letting us know about the Glass Dharma straw giveaway!

~Pure2raw twins~ I love the sweet little heart shapes too:)

Serena said...

These ravioli pieces are absolutely beautiful. :) Makes me want to do somethin' special for the elusive Vday. :P

La Mama Naturale' said...

So pretty! I love the heart beets...!! ;) Looks delish too! Mmmm!

Sam [Low Carbon Diet] said...

Oh my goodness you are making me drool (slash stare in awe over the beauty of these suckers!).

If you need a valentine for 2012, let me know! haha

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