Sweet Sunshine!

Today is a very sunny day. Well, not outside, but inside for sure!

I was so honored to be given the Sunshine Award by Julia, bitt, and Joanna.

ETA~I was also given this award by Cathy of Eating Clouds and Sunshine! Thank you so much!!!:)

I find myself at a loss for words...except to say thank you:) You have all filled my heart with such gratitude. Thank you my sweet friends. {{{HUGS}}}

The rules for accepting this award are simple, link to the person who gave it to you, and pass it on to 12 other people who bring you sunshine.

It is my pleasure to pass this award to some of my favorite bloggers, in random order:)

Heathy~Adventures of Raw Goddess Heathy

kelli~Animal-Friendly Eating

Antony~Living Raw Food UK

Christopher~Berry Boy:)

Melissa~Contagious Health

Cathy M~Eating Clouds and Sunshine

Michal~Earth Muffin

Isle Dance~Isle Dance

Leslie~Recycle your Day

Aimee aka bitt~A Bitt of Raw

Pam~A love For New Recipes

Fayinagirl, Julie:)~Gluten-Free Vegan Family

Julia~Easy Eco to Go

Joanna~Promoting the Raw Food Diet While De-bunking the Myths

Nikki~Yummy Raw Kitchen

Here is a little more sunshine for all of you. My Orange Sunshine Soup:)

This was one of the recipes that got me through my first year of eating raw. It is sweet, simple, and filling. Loaded with vitamin C, too!

Orange Sunshine Soup


1 avocado
2 small organic oranges
1 small orange bell pepper, remove seeds, stem and tear or cut into pieces
½ teaspoon cinnamon
½ teaspoon nutmeg, freshly grated
1 teaspoon orange zest
nutmeg and cinnamon for garnish
sweetener of choice, optional

1. Wash and zest oranges (reserve zest), then peel them, put in blender first.

2. Cut avocado in half and scoop out one half and add to blender.

3. Score other half into cubes and scoop into serving bowl.

4. Add pepper and spices and blend till creamy. Add sweetener if desired, to taste.

5. Pour into bowl and sprinkle (through stencil, if desired:) with cinnamon, nutmeg and reserved zest.

I sometimes add a little agave if I am in a sweet mood:)

I would also like to share something you can to do with the mesh bag that produce comes in.

I sometimes buy avocados, oranges, onions, and other items in a large bag. Since I am very much into living green:), I make a scrubbie that can be used for cleaning around the house.

All you need to do is make a ball with the mesh bags. Make sure to remove any metal rings or tags that are sometimes used on the mesh. Use as many as you like, two or three is a good size for me. They make great pot-scrubbers if you still do any cooking...haha!

Pull any loose ends around to the back of the ball, and sew several stitches to hold it together. I use upholstery thread so it withstands heavy scrubbing, but any thread should be fine. If you want, these can be cleaned in the dishwasher and reused again and again.

The mesh actually comes in different varieties. The green bags that the avocados come in is soft compared to the red onion bags. The black mesh is sort of harsh, but still won't scratch tubs or things like that:)

I would love to know if you have found other ideas for using these bags! I have wanted to try sewing bags together for a larger bag to bring shopping, but haven't tried that yet.

Thanks for visiting my blog today, I am giving everyone reading this a 'Thanks for Reading My Blog Today Award'...haha!


Pure2raw Twins said...

Love the sunshine soup! Looks delicious!

Fayinagirl (means Free One) said...

Aww, thank you {{{hugs}}}}

Love the soup recipe. Livy and I are getting more and more into our raw foods. We need to try this.

BTW...you are brilliant!! I would never have thought of making scrubbies out of mesh bags!! =)

kelli said...

thank you, evergreen! xoxo

that soup looks so pretty and yummy! i really can't wait to get a blendtec or vitamix to make me some yummy raw soup!

GREAT idea for the mesh bags - your creativity is inspiring! =)

bitt of raw said...

thanks for giving the award back at me. much appreciated!

love your orange soup decorating. very pretty.

like the scrubbie idea. i had heard of this before but didn't quite get how to do it. thanks.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for the award for Berry Boy. Christopher will be excited :)

I love the scrubbies. They will probably be featured on a future Berry Boy. :)

Pam said...


This is so cool Angela...thank you so much my dear friend for the award!


Antony Heaven said...

Thank you Evergreen, for the award and also for the sunshine soup which looks AMAZING! I wish I was close enough to pinch a spoon :-)

Julia said...

Thanks for giving the award back! I love your mesh bags! I never thought of doing that with them, so great!

Melissa said...

Thank you for the award hun! You are too kind. Love that soup , it is definitely prettier than the grey clouds outside:) Great idea for the scrubbies! I use the small mesh bags that come with my organic garlic to strain larger kinds of sprouts. I just use a big enough piece and then keep it secure with an elastic.

Isle Dance said...

YOU are SO thoughtful! (((Thank you))) so much!

grace said...

I love the mesh bags for sprout screens, especially small ones like garlic comes in!

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