Go with the Flow

Life is like a coconut....you never know what you are going to get!

This morning I wanted to have one of my longtime favorite recipes, Blueberry-Lemon Mousse by angie on gone raw. It is a delicious blend of blueberries, coconut(or cashews), lemon, sweetener, and banana. I got hooked on this recipe quite a while ago, and I was craving it today:)

First up...opening the coconut. Click here for my post on opening Thai coconuts if you would like to see how I usually open them.

Today I took a little short cut to open the coconut, I usually spill a little of the precious water this way, which I did today:)

This method starts the same way, by removing some husk to expose the shell. Then I just whack around the top of the coconut where it will open easily with the inside point of the cleaver.

Once I can pry open the coconut a little, I set it on top of a glass to drain the water.

After draining, I open the top all the way to get the meat out. As you can see, the shell of the coconut gets chipped by whacking it. This usually results in a few fragments of shell in the water and meat.

Now, this is the point where you get to see what is inside:)

I still can't figure out how to pick a good coconut, but have never gotten a bad one somehow! I buy them at a small Asian market, and they usually carry the 'Best' brand.

Most times they look fresh and white with no soft spots or mold. The few times they did not look so good, the nice people in the store were happy to bring out a fresh case to pick from:) I must say this brand has never dissapointed me! The only difference I see is in the thickness of the meat. Today the coconut had very thick meat!

I was able to pull out all of the meat by hand. There was more than enough for the recipe.

I love when the meat is so thick and firm. This thick, slightly rubbery meat probably means the coconut is more mature than the ones with the jelly-like meat.

It also makes a great snack...so I tasted a little...then a little more. You can guess what happened next, or should I say didn't happen.

I ate about half, and put the rest in the fridge. I loved it too much to blend it up, so I just savored it as it was:)

I will try to make the yummy mousse another day:)


Pam said...

Nice post! We also use a meat cleaver....works well...just have to be careful with that thing...lol!!


evergreen said...

Hi Pam!

We could probably make a fortune by inventing something that makes opening these coconuts safe and easy!!

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