Raw Thanksgiving Dinner

From the pages of Sarma Melngailis' book, Living Raw Food. This is a feast for the eyes, and the palate. This raw, vegan, Thanksgiving dinner has it all!

This feast is also available as take-away from One Lucky Duck if you are in the NYC area.

ETA~recipes now found online!



Marinated Mushrooms, Mashed Root Vegetables, Brussels Sprouts, Stuffing, and Cranberry Sauce. The recipes begin on page 219 and continue to page 222. I reduced all recipes except for the cranberry sauce for about 2 servings. I made a few changes to the recipes, as far as the ingredients, and the method used to make them, but it still came out unbelievable!

Thank you to Sarma for sharing her awesome recipes:)

Here are some of my changes:
The original recipe calls for both portobello and king oyster mushrooms marinated in a blend of vinegar, oil, fresh herbs, onion, and s&p.
For the mushrooms, I used large white button in place of king oyster, and chives instead of onion.

For the Mashed root veggies:
This is a creamy blend of pine nuts, water, celeriac, jicama, parsnip, oil, nutritional yeast, lemon juice, truffle oil, scallion, and s&p.
I put all ingredients in the food processor at the same time. I 'eyeballed' the ingredients to my own tastes. I omitted the water at first, and streamed some in at the end for a creamy consistency. I used a small slice of black truffle in place of the truffle oil, and subbed chives for scallion.

For the Brussels sprouts:
This was a pleasant surprise, as I never tried raw Brussels sprouts before:) I used macadamia oil in place of the pistachio oil, and eyeballed the rest of the ingredients, which included olive oil, maple syrup, s&p.

For the stuffing:
I threw all the ingredients in the processor to taste. The original recipe included cauliflower, oil, pecans, carrots, celery, onion, truffle oil, fresh herbs, and s&p. I replaced the onion with chives, a slice of truffle for the truffle oil, and used a little jicama instead of cauliflower. I processed everything all at once, and added a little fresh sage:)

The cranberry sauce:
I made this with agar-agar powder in place of the Irish moss. I dissolved the powder(1/2 tsp.) in boiled water, and let it cool a bit before adding it to fresh cranberries, agave, orange zest, lemon juice, and salt in the blender. I molded it in a couple of push-up pops to get the round shape.

With my short-cut methods, I was able to make everything in about 1 hour, and let the mushrooms and stuffing warm in the dehydrator while the cranberry sauce chilled. By the time I cleaned the kitchen and took a shower, my feast was ready.

I made the plate shown and had enough leftover for my very own raw Thanksgiving feast for Thursday!

I may have to hide it though:)


bitt said...

that is so pretty! i skimmed through sarma's new blook at the boostore and it is first on my to-get booklist.

evergreen said...

Awww, thanks:) I love everything I have made from Living Raw Food.

I am very happy to have the recipes since I don't know if I will ever make it to Pure Food and Wine:)

Angelique said...

Do I tell you enough how much I love your blog? I am always excited to see what you post!

Thank you for posting this. Lovely as always. Just curious...did you notice how much per person that platter ended up costing you in ingredients?

evergreen said...

Hi Angelique! Thank you for the kind words about my blog:)

I was thinking that it did not cost that much at all. I made double of what is pictured. Most of the ingredients are organic from the co-op, and in season right now:)

Also, I didn't make close to the amount the recipe calls for, as it serves 10-12 people!

Joyce Holsten said...

Hi Angela,

Wow, it looks great! Just like Sarma's! Ever since June when I got her book, I've had my heart set on making her full Thanksgiving dinner. Then recently I was thinking I might postpone it for xmas or another year. I was feeling burnt from eating a lot this past weekend (and spending too much $ on raw food). But after seeing your blog, I'm again inspired to try her wonderful looking Thanksgiving dinner!

And I'm glad it didn't cost a small fortune. That's definitely good news! But I can't imagine myself completing the full meal in under and hour...lol...I'm still not fast yet so it will be a good half day for me :-)

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!


Joanna Steven said...

Mmmmm this looks soo good! I never had raw brussel sprouts either, but I love them, so I'll have to get the book and try these out :) The cranberry sauce sounds intriguing... and delicious!

evergreen said...

Thanks for the sweet comments, ladies:)

Joyce~ I was surprised it went so quickly, but I did just 'wing' the measurements and directions...hehe.

Hope you enjoyed your weekend anyway:)

Joanna~ I think the Brussels sprouts may have been my favorite part! They are sweet tasting when raw, especially with the maple syrup:) The cranberry sauce was yummy, too.

Joyce Holsten said...

Hi Angela,

Thanks for the kind compliments on my attempt at Sarma's Thanksgiving dinner. It sure is a wonderful medley of recipes. We are still enjoying a few leftovers.... I had fun making everything but must admit it took me close to 4 hours :-) But that's with breaks, distractions, email, etc...

Have a great week!


evergreen said...

Hi Joyce:)...I was wondering how long it would take to make it the right way...hehe.

I picked up more mushrooms and Brussels sprouts to make them again later in the week.

The pages of Living Raw Food are getting quite a workout around here:)

Michal said...

What a feast indeed! I was going to make this myself, but I didnt know if I could do it justice. I think im going to give a couple of the dishes a try for christmas. :)

evergreen said...

Hi Michal... I say go for it!!!!

The recipes are wonderful and not hard to make:)...I actually made more mushrooms and sprouts for dinner tonight!

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