A bit of Magic and a taste of Heaven:)

I could not resist the name of this post:)

The reason?...I made Kate Magic's Marching Biscuits,

and Antony Heaven's Chocolate Spread to go on them!

I recently became a fan of Antony's blog. I love all the recipes he shares with us, and pictures of what he is eating.

There are quite a few of his recipes I would like to try, but we had to start somewhere, right?

Several of Antony's posts mentioned Kate Magic's Marching Biscuits. They looked so good, especially when Antony made his own chocolate spread to top them!

Click here for Antony's Blog post that got me so interested in trying this yummy recipe:) The link to the biscuit recipe is posted there as well.

Here is the link to Antony's post with the Chocolate Spread recipe

You know by now I have a hard time following directions:) I did not have a few of the ingredients, so I omitted them(zylosweet, he shou wu, and purple corn). I used about 3/4 cup of agave for added sweetness. My currants replaced the raisins called for. I also added 1 more cup of water, as Antony suggested.

The directions say to mix and soak just the seeds overnight with the water, but I mixed in the currants, cocoa, and lucuma too.

As soon as I added the water and agave to this mixture, look what happened...

It made me laugh as it started bubbling and gurgling for about a minute. This may be the strangest looking raw food pic I have ever posted...lol!

After everything calmed down, it soaked overnight.

In the morning, I was able to make several different variations. I made some with goji berries,

my favorite:) had dried cherries,

and one I left plain with the currants. I made some into heart shapes, and decorated them with nuts, seeds and lavender.

I cut some into squares and some into long bar shapes...

Click here if you would like some tips on making raw breads and crackers.

I made half the fabulous chocolate spread recipe, and added the cacao, coconut and maca to taste, since I was not sure about the 'd' measurement:)

If you have a stick blender, it is the perfect tool for making half of the spread recipe.

This spread was so delicious! I ate much more than I should have because I sat down on the couch with the spread and a plateful of the long biscuits! I am calling this my lunch for today:)

Try it, and you will see what I mean:)

Thank you so much to Kate Magic, and Antony! I loved both these recipes, and together they are especially awesome.


kevin georgina grayson simon said...

You rock it! I like Antony H's blog as much as yours.
Love the chocolate spread photo.

Fayinagirl (means Free One) said...

Great photos! I love the bubbling one. ;-)

Antony Heaven said...

Oh this is lovely! Thank you so much :-)

Okay, so the "d" (sometimes I forget and do a "D") just means dessertspoon. You could equally put in a "T" (tablespoon). My view would be that, on the whole, the wonderful thing about raw food is that it's so tolerant of our personal preferences and accidents ... I have to say I LOVE your bubbling mixture and your various and wonderfully-shaped biscuits! Next time I'm definitly having a go at making your versions :-)

bitt of raw said...

I have yet to get into Kate Magic's magic food but it's high time! What the heck are those ingredients that you left out? zylosweet? he shou wu? wonder if yellow corn could be subbed for purple.

you look like you are in chocolate heaven with that dip!

evergreen said...

~kevin georgina grayson simon~ thanks so much! I have been enjoying your blog, too:)

~Fayinagirl~That was a fun surprise!

~Antony~ Thanks for your great recipe, and for posting about the biscuits. As you can see I had almost too much fun making and eating them!

Thanks for clarifying the measurements. I thought that was about the right measure, but as you said, raw recipes are so tolerant.

I look forward to trying more of your recipes:)

~bitt~ I added a few links for those three ingredients in the post that I hope will help.

hehe...chocolate heaven, for sure:)

kelli said...

he shou what?! =)

those are very pretty. especially the ones with the flowers.

Pam said...

Hello dear friend, Just had to stop in an take a peek of what was happening in your kitchen...yumm..yumm!


evergreen said...

hehe...thanks kelli:)

~PAM!!!...I mean...Pam, so nice to see you:)

Thanks so much for stopping by!...missing you{{{HUGS}}}

N said...

That looks like a very yummy lunch. :)

Raw Goddess said...

Yowsa! Looks delish! Inspiring and beautiful as always!

Melissa said...

Evergreen you have done it again! Everything looks so awesome and I can't wait to get a dehydrator and get in the kitchie!

kate said...

beautiful! i love what U did with them! thankU :-) xx

Nikki said...

That looks amazing. I could eat chocolate for breakfast, lunch, and dinner :). I'm looking forward to checking out Kate Magic's book.

evergreen said...

~N...it was going to be a snack, but I ate so many!!!

~Raw Goddess...Thank you very much:)

~Melissa...This would be a wonderful recipe to 'break in' your dehydrator!

~kate...Thank you so very much for sharing your lovely recipes with us:)

~Nikki...I'm with ya on the chocolate! And I agree, Kate's book must be amazing:)

Vale said...

Happy for finding this blog :) the "making beautiful raw breads"-post was so awesome (sadly, I've only one tummy to get full...)! Have to try these chia crackers next week. Perhaps with golden figs, dried apples, tocotrienols, vanilla, a bit maca... (substituting the raisins, zylosweet, lucuma, he shou wu, purple corn). A good crib thinking my long skiing ways. And I already have a big portion of chocolate avocado fugde/pudding waiting me in the fridge... The result may will be posted (in my blog [finnish]) too :)) thanks for inspirating!

La Mama Naturale' said...

Yummy!! That looks incredible. You are amazing in the kitchen. :)

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