Raw Corn Muffin Tops:)

Sometimes I see a recipe that I can't wait to try...so I don't!!!

The lovely Kelli made a comment on my chili post the other day and mentioned she might try making Mosaica's corn bread with it.

Thank you Google, I found the recipe within seconds:)

The recipe is posted on The Sunny Raw Kitchen blog. There is also a yummy looking chili on the same post:)

A few minutes later, the food processor was spinning. I tweaked the recipe slightly to make little bite sized muffin tops. I simply ground the sunflower and sesame seeds to a flour.

I also reduced the amount of some of the spices(salt, paprika, onion, garlic) by half. The recipe called for a small red pepper, and a small yellow pepper. Since red and yellow make orange:) I just used 1 large orange pepper..hehe!

I scooped the muffin top batter onto the teflex sheets using a mini ice cream scooper. I think the recipe made about 2 dozen:) Total drying time was around 8 or 9 hours at 112 degrees. I shut the dehydrator off after about 5 hours since it was bedtime, put the muffin tops in a container in the fridge, and resumed drying in the morning. At lunchtime, they were perfect!

I really enjoyed this recipe. They were perfect with the second serving of chunky raw veggie chili:)

I whipped up a bit of coconut oil with a dash of hemp oil and salt for the "butter". It melted right into the warm corn muffin tops, oh yeah:)

Thanks so much to Mosaica for this delicious recipe:)

Of course my Google search revealed a few more awesome looking raw corn bread recipes to try!!!

Here is a wonderful looking recipe for raw cornbread on Raw Food Talk by Katchmoleen.

Raw Food Tulsa Warm Corn Bread

Corn Bread recipe on From Sad to Raw

Cornbread Sandwich recipe by sweetpea on gone raw:)

I am sure there are more out there!

Ahhhh....so many recipes, so little time:)


Joyce Holsten said...

Oh those look good! I made Matthew Kenney's raw chili in Everday Raw with corn chips and that was delicious. I bet these muffins would be great with it too!

evergreen said...

Hi Joyce! It is so nice to see you:)

I have Everyday Raw on my wish list, especially since you always give it rave reviews!

Fayinagirl (means Free One) said...

These look great! I made the raw chili the day you posted it. Fabulous! Thank you! =)

snowdrop said...

my word!!!
these look fabulous :)

bitt said...

we were lucky enough to have cornbread at organic garden over the holidays. pretty tasty! excited to try yours.

Anonymous said...

I just posted an award for all our followers on the Berry Boy blog. When you have time, stop by and get yours! :)

Love & Sunshine!

Angelique said...

They look like soft little corn pillows -- I can't wait to try these! Seems like a perfect partner for all the warm blender-soups I've been making lately.

evergreen said...

Thanks for the comments everyone!!!

~Fayinagirl...so happy you liked the chili, when I saw all the comments on it, I had to try it!

~snowdrop...*blush* thanks:)

~bitt...I noticed the cornbread in your picture:) I would love to know if you try this one, but of course I can't take credit for the recipe:)

Thanks so much Connie and Christopher!!!{{{Hugs}}}

Hi Angelique! They were nice and soft inside:) They would be great with soup!

Melissa said...

Yum!! I'll definitely give this one a whirl. Need to get a dehydrator first though:) Thanks for sharing!

evergreen said...

Hi Melissa! I hear some people use an oven on very low, or the pilot light on a gas oven:) I was raw for over a year before getting one myself!

Could you shoot me a quick email please, address on my profile:) There is a glitch on your blog comments.

kelli said...

look at you whipping up corn bread like it's nothing! you're amazing! please come uncook for me! =)

evergreen said...

Hi kelli! Thank you so much for telling me about this recipe. I had so much fun with it:)

I would love to uncook for you, would you mind having everything from your "delicious" post ready for me when I get there?!?!:)

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