Choccie Cherry Chia Pudding

Happy Monday everyone!

I want to express my sincere gratitude for the wonderful response to my last post, Recipe Index. I added the index icon to the top of the right sidebar for your convenience:) Thank you all so much:)

I have been so inspired by the chia pudding trend lately among fellow bloggers! What chia pudding trend, you say? Check it out!

Cinnamon Raisin Breakfast Chia by Nikki of Yummy Raw Kitchen

Chia pudding by kelli of Animal-Friendly Eating

Chai Chia Pudding by Michal of lil Earth Muffin

Goji Chia Pudding from Raw Goddess from The Adventures of Raw Goddess Heathy

Chia Seed Porridge with Bananas and Raisins by Antony of Antony in London

And I am only going back about a week!!! If you, or someone you know has posted a chia pudding recipe you would like to see added here, please let me know:)

Of course I can never forget my first;)
Chocolate Ecstasy Tapioca Pudding from Slosh-uh on Gone raw!

And here are a few more posted on Gone Raw

Here is a coconut one to try.

How about a warming chia pudding :)

Goji chia pudding

Chia Chocolate Chip pudding!

Chia Mulberry Goji Pudding

Chia pudding is a wonderful way to get in some healthy chia seed. Here is my recipe, inspired by all of the above!

Choccie Cherry Chia Pudding

2 tablespoons chia seed
1 tablespoon hemp seed
1 teaspoon cacao powder
1 teaspoon agave, or sweetener of choice
10 pitted cherries, chopped or halved
1/4 cup brazil nut milk*, or milk of choice:)

*Brazil nut milk:
12 brazil nuts, shelled:)
1 cup water
vanilla and sweetener, optional

For 1 cup of milk:
Blend all ingredients, strain, or not...lol

1. For chia pudding, mix chia, hemp, cacao.
2. Add nut milk. Add as much as desired, but at least 1/4 cup.
3. Stir until combined.
4. Sweeten to taste.
5. Add cherries, and an extra sprinkle of that healthy hemp:)

Chia pudding is a great recipe idea to make your own.

There are endless combinations, just put in what you like:)


Claire said...

This is so weird that you posted this today, because I was just searching around yesterday for a chocolate chia pudding recipe! I ended up just making my own...yours looks great, though!

kelli said...

great minds think alike! =)

and as always, your presentation is amaaaazing, you raw food artist you! =)

Fayinagirl (means Free One) said...

I love the idea of Chia pudding. We haven't tried it yet. Guess we're going to have to. So many yummy looking recipes! =)

Antony Heaven said...

Your chia pudding looks lovely! And your post is a wonderful resource of chia recipes for me to try with the kilo of chia seeds I just ordered from the internet! Thanks for including my recipe in your list :-)

evergreen said...

Thanks everyone:)

~Claire...I will add your recipe if you post it!

~kelli...great minds think alike... that's funny, I was thinking the same thing;)

~Fayinagirl...I bet your crew will come up with a wonderful variation:)

~Antony, you are welcome:) Have fun with your kilo of chia!

Lorri said...

You must be psychic I have been collecting chia pudding recipes online lately 'cause I love the stuff. I've just made a batch of banana chia pudding and can't wait to try yours, my hubby loves cherries. Thanks for the links there are a few there that I don't have. You are now officially an enabler to my chia pudding addiction. ;)

bitt of raw said...

love chia pudding! just had a bit this morning. usually i just throw in whatever is around, it's so versatile! where the heck is everyone getting these fresh cherries in January? we don't seem to have them in my neighborhood.

love your heart shaped bowl. i wonder if i look hard enough at the thrift store i can find one.

evergreen said...

Hi Lorri! Happy to help with your addiction:)

I am sure there are lots more recipes out there! Let me know of any good ones I missed:)

~bitt~I almost hesitate to call this a recipe, because you can't really mess it up, and I usually don't even measure...hehe.

The co-op had some cherries, and I also noticed them in W-mart(eeek!)

This sweet little bowl is from Goodwill! Most of the specialty plates and bowls on the blog are from there:)

Nikki said...

I'm loving the chia trend too! I have to eat some every day right now :). Beautiful presentation, as always.

Joanna Steven said...

I've got to try these puddings! I posted lots of pudding recipes too, but a bit down the blog. I should make a chia pudding post with all the recipes!

evergreen said...

Hi Nikki, thank you for the inspiration:)

~Joanna~I look forward to your chia pudding post!

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