Raw Carrot Cake:)

Today, as I caught up on some reading, I came across this awesome post from Pam of the wonderful blog, A Love For New Recipes.

Pam is celebrating her 1 year "blogiversary" and made a yummy looking spice cake. Happy blogiversary, Pam!!!

Most times there is a raw alternative to a cooked recipe, and I remembered that one of my favorite raw chefs, Russell James, had a lovely looking Carrot & Orange Cake recipe:)
eta link is broken here are the ingredients:

A short while later, I was eating this yummy cake!

It was dense, moist, and delicious!

I even made a few bite-sized muffins

I made only half the recipe, just for me:) I subbed currants for the raisins, and mixed a little frosting into the cake to help it set up a bit since I did not dehydrate it.

~ETA...I just noticed the directions say to mix it in a bowl. I just pulsed it all in the processor:) I really have to learn to follow directions:)!!

The carrot decoration is thin slices of carrot, cut to look like a tiny carrot or flower with a mint leaf top:) If your carrots have the tops on them, you can use a little for the green, or even a tiny parsley leaf.

Thank you to raw Chef Russell James for another awesome recipe:)

Thanks to Pam for the inspiration!


N said...

I found your blog about a month ago and have been enjoying your posts as a lurker. :)

I thought I'd step out of the closet to say that I really love how pretty your food always looks!

Anonymous said...

This is a delicacy! Thank you for sharing your amazing kitchen.

evergreen said...

Welcome N! Thank you for your wonderful comment, it means so much to me:)

Thanks HippieMom:) Russell's creations are always so good!

Fayinagirl (means Free One) said...

What a beautiful cake! I've love to make this for one of the kids on their birthday or something. It would be so special. =)

bitt said...

you always have just cute decorating ideas. love it. i liked russells cake but for some reason my husband didn't. maybe i will try it again sometime hoping he's forgotten. :-)

Pam said...

Awesome! Gosh darn it that looks so good and thank you so much for the shout-out and warm greeting...It means SO much to me!

Boy, you do follow through on your word, so good that I could inspire you!.....te he!

Luv and Hugs!

evergreen said...

Awww, thanks ladies:)

~Fayinagirl...This was really fast and easy to make, and would make a lovely birthday cake:)

~bitt... Did you dehydrate it? I didn't today, but I want to try doing it next time:)

~Pam...You're welcome:)

LOL!I wasn't kidding!!!

Pam said...

No you wasn't girl! he he!

Julia said...

That cake looks great! I love the carrots on top, too cute!

Nikki said...

What a cute cake!

evergreen said...

Thanks Julia and Nikki...it was just a little 5 inch cake, too:)

kelli said...

your creations blow me away!!!

Joanna Steven said...

You know, I read about that cake yesterday, and then today on your blog! I think it's a sign I should make it :D

evergreen said...

~kelli...thanks, you are so sweet:)

~Joanna...yes, for sure it's a sign...hehe:) Got carrots?

jetgirl said...

Kelli - these cakes look lovely - did you dehydrate them, or set them in the fridge?

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