Chocolate Pecan Pie:)

Happy Monday everyone! I wanted to start the new year off in a sweet way:) This will be another one of my quickie posts, but I wanted to share this amazing dessert with you!

I was just reminded of this yummy pecan pie by Jennifer Cornbleet. I first saw it posted by Joyce of Beautiful Living Food in Vermont. It was recently posted by Kelli from the blog, Animal-Friendly Eating.

The recipe is featured in Jennifer Cornbleet's book, Raw For Dessert.

A nut crust spread with chocolate ganache, topped with a smooth date based filling and yummy pecans. I did alter the recipe slightly to taste and ingredient availability as I went along:)

As Joyce said, this has to be one of the richest, most decadent raw desserts ever!

This was surprisingly quick to put together. I chilled it outside on the porch today, so it was ready about 1 hour after filling...hehe!

Just a small slice of this amazing pie should be enough to satisfy any sweet tooth! I am hoping it freezes well because I had almost all of the slice shown, and cut the rest and put it in the freezer. I love to have a beautiful dessert like this on hand for when the mood strikes me to have something sweet:)

Thanks to the lovely Jennifer Cornbleet for the recipe, and to Joyce and Kelli for posting on their blogs about how amazing it is:)

I am off to enjoy this beautiful sunny, but very cold day!!! See you soon:)


Fayinagirl (means Free One) said...

My Livy (dd14) is going to want to live with you if you keep making such lovely desserts. ;-) She's hooked on raw desserts. =)

Pam said...


I Luv raw desserts and there fun to make also!


evergreen said...

Lol!...Livy is welcome any time, but this is so easy she could make it herself!!!

This is a great recipe Pam, I am sure you would love it!

Mandy said...

I love your blog, wish I had found it BEFORE Christmas! Such cute ideas, and the wreath would have been perfect for my holiday party!! I am going to make one in the Spring...with a bright pink bow...beet juice banana leather maybe??

evergreen said...

Hi Mandy! Thanks so much, and welcome:) I checked out your blog too, it's awesome!

That pink bow sounds so pretty, and just perfect for spring:)

kelli said...

wow, your pie looks GREAT! i love what you did with the chocolate in the center. isn't that chocolate a dream?! i saved some and used it as a topping for banana soft serve. yum!

bitt said...

rich and decadent? I'm all over it! I need to get that book.

Julia said...

That looks so good! I'm slowly working my towards more raw foods and this looks like a great one to try!

I nominated you for a Happy Award! http://www.easyecotogo.com/2010/01/i-got-happy-award.html

evergreen said...

~kelli...thanks, I was hoping to have enough for the whole top, but it somehow disappeared;) Love the idea of using it on soft-serve!

Hi bitt! I want that book, too! I was glad to have this recipe online to try:)

Awwww, Julia:)...Thanks so much for the Happy Award!!!
I am very happy you thought of giving me this...{{{hugs}}}

This would be an awesome recipe to get anyone into eating more raw, it's so yummy!

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