Rawmazing Turmeric Salad...

...and a winter walk in the Adirondacks:)

One of my quickie posts again! I wanted to share a few pictures from my walk today, but first, what I ate for lunch!

Susan Powers of Rawmazing made a lovely turmeric salad the other day. I love to find new recipes containing healthy turmeric, and this one sounded perfect! I just love Susan's blog. It is so inspiring!

What a wonderful, crisp, sweet, satisfying salad this is! I loved the cheery color, too:)

As usual, I made a couple of small ingredient substitutions. Currants in place of raisins, and chives instead of onion.

I loved how everything came together so quickly, and used ingredients I usually have on hand:)

Thank you to the lovely Susan Powers for this yummy salad recipe! I am so happy you posted this!

Now, please indulge me as I share a few pics from my walk today...

The pics are a little dark, but I was so happy it wasn't very cold out today! How cold was it? Almost 40 degrees:) Although I love the fast and freezing walks, I can't stay out too long when it is in the single digits:)

One of my favorite evergreens:)

A few of my favorite evergreens:)

The lake

Berries that I pretend are gojis:) They must be poisonous or they would have been eaten by something:)

Another peek at the frozen lake

Hope you all are happy, warm, and enjoying some yummy raw food too!


Julia said...

What wonderful scenery for a walk, but dang it must be cold! ;)

Anonymous said...


evergreen said...

At 38 degrees it felt almost warm! Cold is 2 or 3 degrees, when you take a breath and your lungs freeze...lol!!!

Antony Heaven said...

I really want to make that salad soon as well! And what a wonderful place to walk :-)

bitt of raw said...

pretty scenery!

i am very interested in that salad, just keep forgetting to get tumeric.

Anderson said...

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