Cheery Cherries:)

This mornings' breakfast was determined by the fact that there were over 3 pounds of cherries in the fridge:) I have been wanting to try the yummy looking Cherry Cacao Cobbler by bitt on gone raw. This recipe is great! It is very quick to make, and really brings out the flavor of beautiful fresh cherries.

ETA: since the goneraw.com website works intermittently lately, here is the recipe(copied and pasted)

I had some leftover crust/ crumb mixture, so I made little scoops of chocolate almond, vanilla, and cherry ice cream. I took a pitted cherry and pressed it into the scoop, and shaped it into a ball again. I then rolled each ball in the crumb mixture, and put them on a cookie sheet to freeze solid. The chocolate almond were my favorite.

Cherry Bombs!

Thanks to bitt for the great recipe!


bitt said...

awww, you are too sweet. this i my favorite ever, i use it as my twitter name too. :-)

evergreen said...

What a cute twitter name! After making it, I can see why it is your favorite:)

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