Russell James Remix

I can seldom make a recipe without thinking of 10 other things I can make with it. You may remember how much I loved Chef Russell James' Broccoli in Hoisini Sauce from his recent eZine. I actually e-mailed him to say how much I have been enjoying his recipes. I have made it several times since my post, and thought it may be time to mix it up a little:)
Today, I doubled the Hoisini Sauce, (which I do anyway because it is so good), and used it over some spiralized parsnip, with a sprinkle of scallion, pepper flakes and sesame seed. I like the sauce slightly sweeter, and sometimes add a splash of water to thin it a little. I also took the broccoli and added some chopped red and orange bell pepper and parsnip.I still marinated the veggies in lemon juice, tamari and oil, but subbed sesame oil this time.I added some hoisini sauce to them, but chose not to warm the veggies today as I was quite hungry:) Next time , I may use lime juice instead of lemon for more of a Pad Thai feeling.

Don't be afraid to mix it up and have fun with raw recipes.
Special thanks to Chef Russell James for the recipe and inspiration:)

I love to experiment with recipes. After realizing the ingredients in most "cheesecakes" are similar to the ingredients in "ice cream", I have tweaked some cake filling recipes and turned them into a rich ice cream!

Here is a picture of one of my favorite places. It is a short bike ride from my house, and I always spend some time here :)


Joyce Holsten said...

Oh my gosh, have you ever considered opening up a raw food cafe? We'd seriously take the ferry across lake champlain to eat lovely raw food in the beautiful Adirondaks! :-D

Just curious, where are you finding parsnips? I have a few recipes I'm dying to make but I can't find them here right now. (Snowdrop from the Lake George Area has this amazing looking ravioli recipe on her blog that calls for parsnips but I fear I'll have to wait until fall)

Anyhoo, thank you again for sharing your lovely raw food creations! And I love your photos too! You live in such a gorgeous place!

Joyce :-)

evergreen said...

Hi Joyce!...What a nice compliment(blush)!
I am afraid a raw food cafe probably would not be a success where I live! I am about 1 hour or so south of Plattsburgh.
The Price Chopper on Shelburne Road has parsnips, jicama, celeriac and other unusual veggies:) Not organic, but at least they have them. Wal-mart always has pound bags of parsnips, too. I'm happy to know there is another raw foodie in my area! I was sure it was just me and the chipmunks:)
We are both lucky to live in such a beautiful part of the country. I am a bit of a nature freak, and always appreciate the beauty around me.It is a great incentive to go for walks and bike rides:)
Thanks again,

Joyce Holsten said...

Thanks for the parsnips location tips! I didn't think of trying the bigger super markets (City market has conventional and organic). I will buy conventional produce if I can't find organic and really want to make a certain recipe :-)

I hear ya about appreciating nature. We love our pretty little mountain and all the wildlife

Joyce :-)

evergreen said...

You are welcome...thank you for telling me about that amazing looking ravioli recipe! I can't wait to try it:)

Russell James said...

I've been remixed :-) Nice work and thanks for the links.

evergreen said...

Hi Russell!
LOL!..you are welcome!
Thank you so much for all the amazing recipes you share!

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