Hemp Brownie Sundae

As soon as I saw this hemp brownie recipe by bitt on gone raw yesterday, I knew I would have to make it!
My favorite recipes lately have been quick and easy, so this one fit right in:)
It is a great way to get in more healthy hemp and pumpkin seeds.
Thanks to bitt for another great recipe!

I doubled the recipe, and shaped the mix in a bite-size brownie pan. Chilling the brownies make them easier to release from the mold. I dipped the top of each brownie bite in additional hemp seeds, then decorated some with goji berries, walnut halves, or a pumpkin seed.
For the little sundae, take a brownie, and top it with a mini scoop of stRAWberry ice cream. The chocolate sauce is just blended date paste, coconut oil, and cocoa powder, but this recipe looks great!

Strawberry Ice Cream


1 cup soaked almonds, sprouted if desired
¾ cup hemp seeds
1 cup fresh water
3 cups ripe strawberries, washed, hulled
½ cup date paste, soaked dates,blended with water
1 inch vanilla bean seeds, or 1 tsp. extract
up to 1 tablespoon beet juice to enhance color


1.blend almonds,hemp,and water.

2.strain using nut milk bag.you should have about 1 cup “cream”.*

3.add cream to blender with berries ,vanilla, date paste, and beet juice if using.

4.process in 1 and1/2 quart ice cream maker.

*this recipe was made before I had a high speed blender, so now I don't strain:)
Sweet ripe strawberries are best for this recipe. The strawberry flavor may be enhanced by adding a ripple of strawberry jam(strawberries blended with a few dates).

Just adding this pretty butterfly pic from today:) The milkweed has grown so much and is flowering now.


Joyce Holsten said...

OH Evergreen these look amazing especially with the ice cream!!! I'm going to have to try these soon! Strawberry ice cream and brownies are so divine! :-)

evergreen said...

Thank you Joyce!
The chocolate and strawberry combo is yummy.
The brownie bites were so good I practically inhaled them ;)

bitt said...

hemp ice cream! wowie. i need to make this! now!

bitt said...

I'm a convert. No need for coconut in ice cream anymore for me!

evergreen said...

Hi bitt!... Thank you so much for the hemp brownie recipe! It was perfect for my little sundae.
So glad you liked the ice cream:)
I have been subbing hemp for part of the nuts or coconut in quite a few recipes lately.

Joanna Steven said...

Don't you love how hemp brownie for us is such an amazing nutritious treat, but for "regular" what comes to mind is the cannabis filled unhealthy "dessert"?! lol. I wonder how many people get confused!

evergreen said...

Hi Joanna!
LOL!...I know what you mean, as I have gotten a few funny reactions when I mention I eat hemp to some people:)

Beauty Foods said...

What the!!!! This goes on the must make list. Hemp, sundae, yum yum yum!!

Nicole <3

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