Dessert for Breakfast?

Sure why not! One of my favorite things about being a raw foodie is throwing out all the old "rules" about eating. I usually stick to just fruit or smoothies in the morning, but if there is something I crave, I just eat it:)

This morning there was a lovely new recipe on my favorite recipe site, gone raw.

Summer Peach Cobbler by Diana Stobo.

You won't believe how quickly you can create this beautiful recipe.
I had the most amazing juicy ripe peach to make this with. After slicing and mixing the peach with a touch of cinnamon and agave, I packed the slices in a small springform pan, and topped it with the cashew, cinnamon, and date crumb mixture. There were some lovely juices from marinating that I poured on top before eating.

Thanks to Diana Stobo for the wonderful recipe!


Joyce Holsten said...

Oooh that looks gorgeous!

I love Russell's kale salad too! It's one of the best kale salads and I should make it again :-)

You're blog is so fun and I always look forward to what you are going to make next....

I found conventional parsnips at Shaws yesterday that came from Whately Mass (about 2.5 hrs away). They seem a bit 'old' but I'm still happy to have found them! Going to try Russell's chinese broccoli this weekend! Yay!!


evergreen said...

Good Morning Joyce!
This was so good I just made it again, and topped it with a peach praline ice cream I am working on! OMG!!!! lol:)

I am officially addicted to Russell's recipes now:) That hoisini sauce is good on just about anything;)

So happy you found the parsnips, and I am looking forward to your post on them!

Thanks again for the kind words about my blog:)


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