Fourth of July

For the upcoming holiday weekend, I thought I would share some easy ideas for celebrating in the raw!

Raw American Flag Cake

I am sure you have seen the popular flag cake. This one is all raw! Simply make your favorite raw cake or brownie and finish it with a white cream. Decorate as shown with fresh raspberries and blueberries. This is a raw raspberry swirl cheesecake, but it could be anything you like since it is covered with raw white cream. I think lemon bars, or all ice cream would be awesome! I laid out the berries on the lid of the pan so I was sure I had enough. They were easy to transfer to the cake this way. I thought about using cut strawberries for the red stripes, but was afraid they would release their juices onto the nice white frosting. You can make the base cake ahead of time , but it is best to add the berries as close to serving as possible.
To release the cake from the pan,right before serving, fill your sink with a few inches of very hot water, just less than the height of the pan. Carefully dip the pan in the water for about 10 seconds.

Patriotic Parfait

Simply spoon alternate layers of berries and cream(or ice cream) in a glass.

These pops are "da bomb"!

Fill popsicle molds first with whole blueberries and vanilla (or coconut) ice cream, then with a couple of layers of vanilla ice cream and raspberry jam. Swirl slightly , if desired and freeze until hard. Poke each pop through a cupcake paper to prevent drips on tiny hands:)

Ice Cream Cones:

July is National Ice Cream Month! We know how yummy dairy free ice cream is:) It is very easy to "rawify" ice cream recipes. Check out Ben and Jerry's for some flavor ideas:)
The cupcake papers are a great way to wrap cones. Simply wrap a flattened paper around cone for a pretty holder. Secure paper with a piece of tape, or a little glue stick if you are careful to only get it on the paper:) The tiny pinwheels came with the papers. This cone is Ani Phyo's recipe from her dessert book in the previous post. Remember, I made circles to form my cones:)

There are more patriotic ideas on my Memorial Day post.

I hope everyone has a safe and happy holiday.

Three cheers for the raw, white, and blue!!!


Joyce Holsten said...

Wow what gorgeous desserts you made for the 4th as well as the ones from Ani's book! Everything looks so amazing and so professional! Very inspiring! So glad Ani's desserts turned out so good. I'll have to try more from the book. I loved the pineapple icebox cake. And I just purchased and Ice Cream maker this weekend!

Have a great week

evergreen said...

Thank you so much Joyce. I have been having lots of fun trying all the recipes! I am so happy you got a new "toy"! Looking forward to your latest creation:)

bitt said...

beautiful work!

evergreen said...

LOL! Hi bitt... I believe I just made your cherry cobbler!! Thanks for the nice comment and the cobbler recipe:)

Joanna Steven said...

Gorgeous! I followed the link on Joyce's blog, and I'm glad I did :)

evergreen said...

Hi Joanna! Thank you for the sweet comment:)
Can't wait to explore your blog!

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