Mango Tartlets

I almost forgot about the first recipe that caught my eye from Ani's Raw Food Desserts book. The Mango Sorbet-Macaroon Tartlets! I was surprised how quickly these came together. Last night , I peeled and cut up a couple of mangoes, and put them in the freezer. This morning I made the crust but must have used a much smaller tartlet because the recipe said it makes 4 and I made 8! While the crusts chilled in the freezer, the sorbet was prepared in the blender. As soon as the crusts were hard, I spooned a little sorbet into each one, and added a sprig of mint and a candied orange zest garnish(page 157). The sorbet was amazing but quite soft , so I put the remainder in the ice cream maker for a few minutes. Since it was semi-frozen already it took about 6 minutes to firm up. I was able to put more filling in the tarts with this mixture. There was plenty of sorbet left over, but it quickly disappeared ;)
There are only 4 ingredients in the crust, and 3 in the filling. It doesn't get much easier than that for such a beautiful dessert! These are so delicious, I am sure I will be making them again. You can also see this recipe on Ani's website.

Here are the firmer tartlets

Thanks again to Chef Ani Phyo for the wonderful recipe.

Here is a pic of the little tart tins I used:

They are so old, there is no manufacturer on the box(only says 'made in Sweden'), but these look similar. The wooden tamper is helpful if you make a lot of tarts or crumb crusts, like for cheesecake. You can use either end. It is designed for use in mini or regular muffin tins, but works well in the bottom of any size pan or pie plate. I could only use it in the round ones today.
The other helpful gadgets I used for this recipe are the soft fruit peeler and the mango pitter. I guess I love my gadgets:)


~pixx said...

Oh, these are so pretty, and look yummy!! This book is definitely on my wish-list! :~)

evergreen said...

Hi ~pixx!
You will love all the quick and easy recipes in this book:)
I don't have many books yet, but I am glad to have this one for sure:)

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