Raw Halloween2

Here is another simple, healthy, and raw way to celebrate Halloween. When I opened the fridge today, I noticed a bright orange pepper, so this is what I thought of making. This cute idea takes only a few minutes to create. Try to pick a pepper that looks pumpkin-like:)

Punkin Bowl

1 orange sweet bell pepper
1 sheet nori
1 cup creamy raw dip
cut veggies for dipping

1. Cut off top of pepper, remove ribs and seeds, reserve top.

2. Carefully cut features in pepper, just like a jack-o-lantern.

3. Fold nori sheet to fit inside pepper, covering cut-outs. This will highlight the features and prevent the dip from coming out, so make sure all cut-outs are covered.

4. Fill with favorite dip and replace top of pepper.

5. Arrange on plate with cut up veggies for dipping.

Hope this idea gets you into the spirit of Halloween:)

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Colleen said...

You are a genius!!! Thank you!!!

evergreen said...

Hi Colleen!...thanks so much for the sweet comment:)

bitt said...

STOP! you are killing me with cuteness!

evergreen said...

LOL!...check back soon for more grown up treats:)!

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