Another trick for creating a festive Halloween party is to use a raw recipe that you already love and dress it up for the party.

I love Sarma's Congo Bars featured in her book Living Raw Food. Don't worry if you don't have the book yet, this recipe can be found online! Thank you Sarma for sharing this wonderful recipe:)

I had to make some slight ingredient changes, but they still came out fantastic!
You can cut these into desired shapes, or play around a little like I did:)

The little squares are made in a silicone brownie bite mold. The cupcakes are the chocolate base mixture rolled into balls, topped with the coconut mixture, and placed in mini cupcake papers made for Halloween. These were very easy to make. I processed the base mixture a bit more so they could be easily molded.

All the special treat molds, wrappers and picks are available at larger craft and department store.

I also molded some of the Congo Bars in cookie molds. This was a metal pan, so to release the chilled treats, rub the outside of the pan with a clean cloth rinsed and rung out in very hot water.

A few creepy props like the novelty mice, treat bags, and Halloween picks make them perfect for your guests.

These work especially well because of the black and white color combination. Of course you may use your favorite brownie and white icing the same way. This party idea is geared toward older children and adults.

I am adding this post to Healthy Raw Halloween Recipes for convenience.

Here are some of my favorite pics from yesterday:) We went to the Oktoberfest at Whiteface Mountain. I always love going to the high peaks area. It is about 20 minutes from where we live, so we go several times a year, but fall is my favorite:)

A lovely waterfall on the way

Going into the ski area

The Ausable River as we were walking in

On the gondola going to the top of little Whiteface...waving to Joyce in the Green Mountains of Vermont in the background:)

Looking down at Lake Placid

The top of Little Whiteface


Lau-raw said...

Hi Evergreen!

I'll have a halloween party and I think that I'll use most of your recipes! I love them all! and I love the way you present them. You are a true artist =o)
Please, keep posting, you are an inspiration for a lot of people, including me =o)

evergreen said...

Oh, I bet your party will be lots of fun!

Thank you so much for your nice compliment Lau-raw!

I will be adding a few more recipes for Halloween soon. Let me know if you need any help with anything I have posted:)


Joyce Holsten said...

Hi Angela (waving back atcha from Vermont!) :-)

Wow those are beautiful photos! I've always wanted to ski Whiteface! What a gorgeous mountain.

And I'll have to try those congo bars! I love all the different treats and shapes! I'll see if Michael's has some molds for halloween (we get like 6 kids on our mtn)

Have a great week and enjoy the leaves!


evergreen said...

Hi Joyce!

Glad you like the pics...I took lots that day! I never get tired of leaf peeping:)

I did get the Wilton cookie mold pan at Michael's. The clementine punkins are my favorite hand-out treat, they don't get squished in the treat bags:)

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