Raw Halloween Main Course

If your raw Halloween menu needs a main course, how about some ghosts in the gravy yard.

Ghosts in the Gravy Yard

Most likely, you have your own favorite recipes to use for this cute idea. If not, here is what I used:

The mashed boo-tatoes are blended jicama, cashews, nutritional yeast, rosemary, and salt. Add two black sesame seed eyes per ghost.

The little pumpkins are based on Whipped Sweet Potatoes by one of my favorite bloggers, Berry Blue Toes. Top with a sliver of pecan stem and a parsley or cilantro leaf.

I used a zip-top bag with a corner snipped off to pipe out the ghosts and pumpkins. Use a pastry bag with a large plain tip if you have one.

I saw the ghost and pumpkin idea on Martha Stewart.

ETA~I played around with the sweet potatoes and made them using a small ice cream scoop. I pushed the stem of the parsley leaf into the potato whip using the pecan so it stood up. This would be cute for a Thanksgiving side dish.

The little headstone and casket are hand shaped from a recipe based on Thanksgiving Nut Loaf, another yummy recipe posted by Berry Blue Toes.

I added a little salt to the basic recipe, and used pecans in place of almonds. Her awesome thanksgiving feast is posted there:) Check it out if you need some recipes.

For the gravy, I added some poultry seasonings, nama shoyu, dehydrated onion, water, and pepper to a little mashed 'potatoes' left in the blender.

Add more graves, ghosts, and pumpkins for larger portions:) Add some of your favorite broccoli as fallen trees.

I wanted to share this cute idea just in case anyone is having a raw Halloween dinner party. I just made a very small portion of each to show you. I was just 'winging' all the recipes to my own tastes and available ingredients.

Thanks to Martha Stewart and Berry Blue Toes for the inspiration.

Oh, and the cute little mushrooms are just cute little mushrooms:)

Links to all my Healthy Raw Halloween Recipes:)


bitt said...

yummy and cute!

Angelique said...

Another clever idea - thanks!

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Thanks!...you are all so sweet:)

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