Savory Raw Halloween Ideas

Just a quick post today to show that not all raw Halloween party treats have to be sweet.

Shape your favorite orange colored cheeze into a pumpkin shape, stick in the end of a zucchini as a stem, and surround it with spooky stenciled crackers. I just happened to chill some cheeze in a mold that looked like the top of a pumpkin to me so I went with it!!!

The pumpkin shape can be made by making a ball with the cheeze, and making lines in it with a rubber spatula.

Make your favorite savory raw soup and add a raw sour cream spiderweb. Finish with a spider punched from nori:) The crackers are stenciled with cookie stencils from the craft store

For the spider web, make concentric circles with the sour cream drizzled from a squeeze bottle. From the center, draw straight lines out to the rim of the bowl with a toothpick or skewer.

Try to be a little neater than me today...I was in a bit of a rush when I made these:)

ETA... Another party idea!I just had a couple of mini BLTs on the little crackers using eggplant bacon chips and campari tomatoes...so good, and cute too:)

I also spread some cheese right onto nori sheets. To decorate, I punched out spider shapes from nori. I was inspired by Kandace's Cheesy Nori Snacks.

I used the squares of the punched out sheet as silhouettes to top another sheet.

They were dehydrated until crisp and cut into squares.

This is what I made with the last of the cheese. I added some ground flax to the mixture and cut out tombstone crackers. I used stamps sold for making stepping stones for the letters.

Hope you like these healthy raw Halloween ideas!!
All my Halloween recipes or links are here.

Have a great weekend everyone:)


Lau-raw said...

Love your blog! and the idea of the zucchini as the top of the pumkin cheese =o)

bitt said...

love it! do you have the cheese recipe?

Angelique said...

Your creativity inspires me! Can't wait to see what you'll come up with next!

Angelique said...

BTW, what did you use for the black in your stenciled shapes? (milled poppy or black sesame seeds?)

evergreen said...

Thanks for all the lovely comments!

~Lau-raw~ I think a smaller squash or okra would look a little better, this was not exactly planned:)

~bitt~ I think the cheese had sprouted sunflower seeds, red bell pepper, a little smoked paprika, lemon juice, nooch, and salt.

~Angelique~ The stencil is spirulina, check my "making bread and crackers" post for how-to pics:) Black sesame or poppy would be wonderful though!

Joyce Holsten said...

Love your creativity Angela! Those are soooo cute! Cheese! What a clever idea!

evergreen said...

Hi Joyce!...thanks:)

Ohh~about the cheese...it also had a little chopped chives in it, and I think it was actually an orange bell pepper:) I was just experimenting...hehe.

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