Spooky S&M Salad

Even the most delicious salad can be spooked up with a little imagination, (and some little cookie cutters)! This is my take on Sarma's S&M Salad.

A while back, I wanted to try the famous S&M salad posted in this interview. I didn't have the macadamia oil in Sarma's dressing, but I did have mac nuts. Another one of those happy accidents, my Creamy Macadamia-Lime Hemp Dressing was created:)

This time the "S" is for spider and the "M" stands for monster:)

The Spiders!!!

Black olives
Fresh rosemary leaves

1. Poke 8 holes around the middle of the olive as shown with the toothpick.

2. Insert 8 rosemary leaves in the holes.

I like 3 spiders per salad.
The Monsters:

Sliced avocado
fresh rosemary leaves
drinking straw
mini skull cookie cutter

1. Cut out skull shapes from avocado, use straw to make holes for eyes, and a small rosemary leaf for mouth. A third hole may be cut for open mouth, in place of rosemary.

About 7 monsters is a good amount.
The Dressing:

Creamy Macadamia-Lime Hemp Dressing:
1 cup macadamia nuts(or 1/2 mac + 1/2 cashews)
1/2 cup fresh lime juice*
1/4 cup fresh water
1/4 cup hemp seeds
1 tablespoon agave, more or less, to taste
additional 1/4 cup fresh water or more if needed

1. In blender, combine nuts, lime juice, 1/4 cup water, and agave until creamy.

2. With blender running, add additional water until desired thickness is reached.

3. Mix in hemp seeds by hand.

I have been making this recipe "to taste" as the limes vary and sometimes I like it a little sweeter:)

Makes enough for 2 or 3 good sized salads, or 4-5 appetizer sized. Keep in fridge 2-3 days in glass jar.
This is awesome as a dressing in a plain avocado half.

*to get the most juice out of your lime, have them at room temperature, press down on them and roll back and forth several times on the counter before cutting and reaming.
The Tombstone Crackers: just my rosemary crackers:)

2 cups almonds, soaked 8 hours, rinsed and drained
1/2 cup whole golden flax seed, ground after measure
1 cup fresh water
1/4 to 1/2 cup nutritional yeast
1-2 tablespoons fresh rosemary
1/2-1 teaspoon salt
Additional rosemary for top of crackers, optional

1. In food processor fitted with "S" blade, process almonds until coarsely ground.

2. Add nutritional yeast, flax, rosemary, and salt, and process until combined. Adjust seasonings as desired.

3. With machine running, pour in water to form dough. Let mixture stand a few minutes to thicken if it seems too wet

4. Divide mixture in half and roll out onto 2 teflex sheets, sprinkle with additional rosemary if desired, and score into crackers. These are cut into tombstone shaped crackers. Check my post about making breads and crackers for some helpful tips:)

5. Dehydrate at 112 degrees for about 8 hours, flipping about halfway through. Drying time depends on thickness of crackers.

6. Store in glass jars for several weeks.

This is a very forgiving cracker recipe. It will work with more or less flax seed, rosemary, yeast and salt according to your personal preference:) These are also excellent using different herb blends, especially Italian mixed herbs or Herbes de Provence.

Spooky S&M Salad

Ingredients for salad:
Spring mix baby lettuce
hemp seeds
avocado monsters
olive spiders

1. Plate mixed baby greens. Sprinkle with some torn dulse and hemp seeds. You can add any scraps of avocado, chopped.

2. Drizzle with creamy dressing, and garnish with a few spiders and monsters.

3. Serve with tombstone crackers:)

All my Raw Halloween Recipes on this post:)


bitt said...

you are making me happy with more savory halloween ideas.

i just happen to have olives and roesmary. might put a spider in my husband's salad tonight. :-)

Angelique said...

Love it! I am SO making this.

evergreen said...

~lol@bitt!~...I hope to have more ideas for you soon:)

~Angelique~...Glad you like this one!

La Mama Naturale' said...

I'm really loven' all the creative recipes you've come up with for Halloween. You really got a great collection going here! I'm excited to try out a few. :)

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